american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Thursday, May 3, 2012

American Idol: Top 5

The two remaining guys on the show almost created a bromance moment but it didn't work out well, jimmy and the guest mentor argued like little kids, and the top 5 sang really really old songs haha. Songs from the 60's and then a British theme for round 2. this competition is so close anyone can win this thing and I wouldn't be surprised to see even little ole Hollie in the finale after tonight. usually at the top 5 you pretty much know who's getting the boot next (Jacob Lusk) and if I had to take a guess id say Phillip SHOULD go home based on tonight but will he? idk. lets rank these performances 


Skylar Laine - Fortunate Son
Skylar sang a classic and i gotta say she pulled it of pretty well she has this way of making songs feel so country. she is definitely a little ball of fire on that stage. but once again it was so nasally and America don't like nasally. 6/10

Phillip Phillips - The Letter
Why did this performance remind me a little of Lee Dewyze?? wasn't a stand out performance but it was a typical Phillips performance, switched up the whole song and it sounded ok. Phillip isn't going to change, he isn't going to listen to any ones advice and so far its gotten him this far. 6.5/10

Joshua Ledet - Ain't To Proud To Beg
another pimp spot for Joshua, these producers really want him to win. he sounded great like always a good song choice but what seemed to be 30 seconds of screaming and church wailing at the end i could have done without. finally no standing o from the clowns. 8/10

Jessica Sanchez - Proud Mary
perfect song for Jessica's style, randy wasn't crazy about it but for me for you , you cant compare her to freaking Tina turner! either way i loved it Jessica has so much swag and she owned the song even though it wasn't her best. and did you see her dancing on stage, shes just so great. 8/10

Hollie Cavanagh - River Deep Mountain High
The song Pia Toscano sang when she got the boot AND she went first didn't look to good, but it was my favorite of the first round. Hollie sounded fantastic and she felt so comfortable on stage. this is a whole new Hollie am telling you she is looking like a real contender. 8.5/10

British Theme

Phillip Phillips - Time Of The Season
when he sang "whose your daddy" i wanted to add "does your daddy let you date". he actually sang the melody and was applauded for it? but he is a very weak singer. am getting a Jason Castro vibe from Phillips (not because of the hippie background scenery), cute guy with a guitar who does what he does and just enjoys it, not really trying to win. not his best performance 6/10

Skylar Laine - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
i felt like a was watching a musical scene from a movie haha. the beginning was really nice but i think it fell apart when she hit the chorus since she doesn't have a big voice she tends to scream the higher notes. the way she tells a story and the way she shows so much emotion and energy makes her performances fun to watch.7/10

Jessica Sanchez - You Are So Beautiful 
Why is it that when you sing a song laying on the floor, you sound amazing (fantasia, Katherine mcphee) some may call this boring but hands down one of the better performances of round 2 she captured that moment and it was beautiful.i think its physically impossible for Jessica to sing bad, her voice... i..cant even.. 8.5/10

Hollie Cavanagh - Bleeding Love
loved it!. This isn't a big ballad song so she kept it nice and calm but those high notes that she did hit..a-ma-zing. this girl is a true fighter a true underdog and we haven't had a big ballad singer make it this far in a while so I'm really proud of Hollie. oh and did she have the advantage on British week, maybe so. 9/10

Joshua Ledet - To Love Somebody
if Jacob lusk and fantasia had a would be Joshua ledet. another standing o and the feeling of being in a church but i wont complain because josh killed it, I think the screams only do him well when he isn't trying to force it. this guy owned the second round and shot his way up to the top of the list. great performance. 9/10

Standouts: Hollie & Joshua
Bottom 2: Phillip & Skylar

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