american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Finally these auditions are over and i must say i feel like this season didn't have any wow auditions compared to last season. hopefully things get better during the boot camp and some new faces start to shine because i really want to enjoy this season of x factor. Oh and Demi and Britney really need to step up there game.

Before i start let me say this last audition episode was horrible!

Trevor Moran
We left off last episode with Trevor laying on the floor almost dead, turns out he was just dehydrated. he comes on stage and does exactly what i expect, it was entertaining but it was all a big joke, and the judges LOVED him and put him through. oh lord. 4/10

Owen Stewart
The overly attached boyfriend, he could definitely be a real contender this season ONLY if he never mentions his girlfriend ever again, seriously. Hes singing is not the best but it works good with the rapping. 7/10

Freddie Combs
Freddie is one of the sob stories of the season, he is obese and almost died in 2009. So I'm sure we all expected him to have a good voice and he does. Its nothing id listen to though his voice is more fit for a church. 6.5/10

Lauren Jaugurie
She is definitely one of my favorites, not because shes pretty, or because shes from my hometown of Miami (whoo!). But because her voice is so good, made this episode a little easier to watch. 8.5/10

Jordyn Foley
Sweet kid, horrible singing, still got through to the next round.... 3/10


This audition episode was full of talent but the thing is, the talent wasn't all that. I don't know but i wasn't really impressed by most of these contestants even though the judges loved them. Maybe if they spent less time with the back stage drama they could fit in more GOOD auditions.

On to the auditions...

Dinah Hansen
This girl has to be atleast 20 years old! jeez shes only 16 and she looks like that? Not to mention that her voice is pretty damn good haha she sounds very much like Melanie Amaro, just not as good, but close enough. Shes definitely one to watch out for. 8.5/10

Arin Ray
Ok so he made it all the way to the live shows last season as part of the group "Intensity", And now hes back, he looks the part and his voice is decent but nothing special at all. I was somewhat bored with his original song. Despite all of that, he seems marketable in today's music. 6/10

Natalie Martin
We heard very little from her and she has a good voice, i want to hear more 6/10

Nick Perreli
I didn't expect this kid to sound like Frank Sinatra haha, it was nice but he isn't going to make it very far. 6/10

Beatrice Miller
13 years old, and i only got to hear like 5 seconds of her singing, x factor your killing me here. I liked what i heard nevertheless. 6.5/10

Finally we get some guys on here that can rap pretty good. Thing is, i hope they can sing or else they have no chance in hell. 6.5/10

Austin Corini
Cute kid, Sings to the ladies, Sounds familiar? Throw this kid in a boy band or let him compete against Justin Beiber and One Direction. 6.5/10

Nick Youngerman
It was entertaining i cant lie. But did you check out Britney's dancing haha  6/10

David Correy
Ok i had to watch this one twice because i wasn't so sure the first time, he actually has a good voice i just think hell be better if he didn't strain his voice so much going for those higher notes. 7.5/10

Sophie Simmons
Gene Simmons Daughter is what she will be referred to by everyone, sorry sweety. I actually liked her she has a interesting tone to her voice. 7/10

Tara Simon
I'm sorry but i cant stand this woman, She has this great voice but she decides to over do it by showing all her vocal tricks, it just got very annoying. Plus shes unlikeable, so good luck lady. 5/10

Daryl Black
His r&b version of the Gym Class heroes song was interesting, props for making it his own. His voice is really good and he is a very likeable guy. might do well. 8/10

Saturday, September 22, 2012


This episode wasn't as exciting as the last one, only 3 good auditions once again. I mean i understand that they want to show the drama but I'm sure they can sneak in at least 2 more good auditions. And also Demi needs a new makeup artist, its just too much, tone it down a bit.

Willie Jones
At first we were all probably expecting him to start rapping or sing some R&B but instead he surprised us and sang "Your man" by Josh Turner aka "Baby lock them doors". He has a good deep tone and he is very unique. I wonder how well he'll do with the theme weeks though. 8/10

Julie Bullock
The girl who dumped her band AND her boyfriend haha! Well i mean on one hand she shouldn't had brought them along, but on the other hand they shouldn't stop her from fulfilling her dreams, right? well anyways i LOVED her, i never heard  that song before but she sounded just like Stevie Nicks, am i the only one who thinks that? 8.5/10

Jeffrey Adam Gutt
pronounced "Goot" haha. At first i was ready to be bored away with this tired out Hallelujah, but he was pretty great I've never heard the song sang like that before. He has a good rocker voice and i think he'll make it pretty far. 8.5/10

Friday, September 21, 2012


Wednesdays audition show was the best one yet! OK we are still early in the show but i mean the amount of talent this time was leaps and bounds greater than last week. Simon cowell wasn't present for half of the show supposedly he was "sick". Demi and Britney are still doing good so far, i wonder how they'll be during the live shows. enough talk and on the these auditions.

Rizzloe Jones
Britney compared him to vanilla ice...i don't think that's a compliment haha. this kid has energy and what not but the rapping was pretty mediocre, i couldn't even understand a word he said. He is no Astro or Chris Rene sorry. 5/10

CeCe Frey
This girl has the look, the attitude, the facial leopard print makeup, but umm wheres her voice? Her rendition of unchained melody was terrible, and her second song choice was better, but sounded like some drunk girl at a karaoke. 4/10

Vivo Alan
This was your typical Josh krajkic type of audition. With all the tattoos on his head you really wouldn't expect him to have a pretty decent voice. His voice is soulful and gritty but i just don't think hell go very far. 6/10

Tate Stevens
Good Ole Country boy, or man. Sounds like Scotty Mcreery in about 10 years haha. But honestly Tate has a funny likable personality and one heck of a country voice. If he plays the guitar this game is over haha and i don't even like country music. 8.5/10

Simon was right, this was so 10 years ago. They have good voices but these guys bored me to death, and it was a bit cheesy 5/10

Diamond White
This girl was adorable, she talks exactly like Britney spears haha. Once again i hate 13 year old singers but she was really good. Like every other 13 year old singer she needs some time to mature. Also it was kind of hard for me to like her song choice of Its a mans world, when all i can think about is Joshua Ledet. 7.5/10

Ally Brookes
This girl is really pretty and she seems like the Innocent Kelly clarkson, Carrie Underwood type. The singing is good i liked it alot but then she didn't stop, She kept singing and singing and it just ruined the whole thing, Good voice big ego. She needs to slow her roll if she wants to win over the audience. 7/10

Brandan Hassan
From the little clip i saw this kid has a nice voice, He is definitely one to look out for he seems like a contestant that will get very popular later in the competition. 7/10

Normani Hamilton
Didn't hear much but it wasn't anything special 4.5/10

Sister C
Wow there parents must have really good genes haha. Beautiful ladies with amazing harmony and good country voices. 8/10

Jeremiah & Josh
Once again this was a short clip and they did nothing for me, decent voices though. Britney sure loves them though. 5.5/10

Panda Ross
This woman was so entertaining, and she has a thing for Simon haha! Her voice is pretty fantastic but the problem is that her music wont sell. I still want her to stay around though she was fun. Oh and she was carried away by the ambulance, hope shes OK. 8/10

Jessica espinoza
Jessica reminds me so much of Allison Iraheta from American idol season 8. I love her rocker edge, and she sings with such passion. Definitely one of my favorites, hopefully they don't turn her into some pop artist. 8.5/10

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Live Auditions Part 2

Ok i was a Little disappointed with this episode, only 3 good auditions? COME ON XFACTOR!

Johnny Maxwell
Last season we had Astro and Chris Rene, this year we have Johnny? his vocals aren't great and he was so out of breathe it was kind of hard to watch. The rapping wasn't that bad but nothing special, but hey at least he has "swag". I must say though i did like his original song. 6/10

Jason Brock
Did Adam Lambert gain some weight? haha really though i loved this guy hes charismatic and just fun to watch, and on top of that he has a great voice, his control was incredible. i just hope he picks more up to date songs from now on. 8.5/10

Carly Rose Sonenclar
I hate watching 13 year olds sing but in her case, i actually really liked it. Her voice is strong she sounds much older than she really is. I wasn't crazy about the song choice and the whole performance seemed a little to practiced but nevertheless one of the best auditions thus far. 8/10

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Live Auditions Part 1

The wait is over and the x factor is back! i enjoyed last season so i am hoping that this season is even better, for starters Paula, Nicole, and host Steve Jones aren't here anymore. The new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato i believe are doing great so far. I expected Britney to not be such a good judge but she is actually pretty damn good and shes mean! Demi is also a good judge but shell get better as the show progresses i believe. 

The show still has no new host which is kind of weird for me because the host usually makes the show flow better and interacts with the contestants, they need to find a host soon and i don't care who it is. As for the ratings, it was crap, less than last years premiere and it lost to the voice!? my guess is that people are getting bored of all the backstage talk and not enough talent lets be honest the talent so far is pretty mediocre aside from 2 or 3 really good auditions.

Page Thomas
This girl looks just like Rhianna! haha really though she looks great and she has the attitude. Her voice isn't bad but her vibrato sounds like a billy goat, i hope she gets better but i don't think her voice is strong enough 6.5/10

Reed Deming
I don't really like listening to 13 year old kids sing, and this kid is the perfect example why. he has potential but he needs about 5 more years seriously. He sang grenades and it was just blah. oh and he doesn't want to fall into the bieber category? then why come on the show all biebered up complete with the haircut! 5/10

Don't judge a book by its cover, classic. I actually love his personality and i think hell be fun to watch, also he has a decent voice. i cant decide on what bothered me the most though, his bright pink lipstick or the fact that Simon Cowell fell in love with this guy 7/10

Just for the record these guys aren't a boy band haha.. But whatever they want to call themselves they were one of my favorites of the night. Although the vocals were shaky the rapping was pretty good, i can definitely see these guys becoming very popular this season. I mean hey look what happened to One Direction. 8/10

Jennel Garcia
This sweet little 18 year old girl was so nervous before she got on stage, and when she got on stage it was hands down the hottest audition of the night. The song choice was pretty awesome, and yeah she touches her hair every 5 seconds but oh well who cares. I see her making it to the live shows. 8.5/10

Jillian Jensen
OK the girl who got bullied, yes it was a very emotional audition, i mean this girls voice isn't the best but its good enough and she can sell the emotion very well. The thing is that i don't know how much of her story i actually believe. She says she got bullied yet she brings in a huge fan club and Ive heard shes been performing on stage for a while. well either way it was a good way to end the show. 7.5/10

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shake-up at the judges panel

American idol is going into a full Reconstruction at the judges table for next season, at first they were just rumors but it is now official, JLo, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson have all announced that they will not be returning as judges next season. I for one am glad that Steven Tyler is leaving he wasn't much of a good judge anyways, as for Jlo it was to be expected with all the movies, shows, concerts, and not to mention shes in every other commercial on TV. so she didn't have time for American idol, good riddance Mrs Lopez. Randy Jackson after 11 seasons with American idol is finally stepping down as a judge BUT he will be a mentor so i wonder about jimmy Irvine's future?? So now the only judge right now is Mariah Carey which i have high hopes for she seems like the perfect replacement for the female spot. there are other names floating around like Nick Jonas (Please god no!),  Keith urban, Pharrel Williams, Adam Lambert, Nicki Minaj, and some others that i don't know about. My opinion would be to bring in Adam Lambert. As for who will take Randy Jackson's place as the "head cheerleader" ...Kanye West? LOL. One thing i know for sure is that the new judges are either going to draw in more viewers, lets face it if some one like Katy Perry is on American idol wouldn't you tune in to watch her? OR the judges turn out to be a complete disaster and people just get tired of American idol no matter how many things they change.