american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Thursday, December 13, 2012


As you all have noticed i stopped posting about the x factor, why? for a number of reasons. I have a job and i go to school, im a very busy person, sorta haha. But no seriously this season of the x factor is a trainwreck. Simon Cowell was so sure that the x factor would become the #1 singing competition on TV but sadly its the WORST! the new judges (Demi) is so damn annoying and she completely failed as a mentor. Another thing i hated was how the good acts were all eliminated for example Jennel, Willie, David, Jillian, Lyric Da Queen, all of these acts would have made for a better show. But instead we got horrible singers like Cece Frey And Paige Thomas. As for who will win its no doubt that Tate Stevens in going to win, how funny that the x factor was looking for the next young popstar but instead they'll get a middle aged country star.

This is why American Idol will always be the best singing competition to ever be on TV, See you guys In January!