american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Friday, April 27, 2012

American Idol: Ranking The Top 5

And then there were 5, and with no clear front runner, everyone has to bring there A game next week Which power house voice will end up on top, Is there room for an underdog in the finale, many questions we face. This is the youngest top 5 ever on idol, crazy. Here is how I rank the remaining contestants.

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Jessica Sanchez
Current Rank: 1
Previous Rank: 2

I believe Jessica has fully recovered from her "almost" elimination and she proved she deserves to be number one when she sang Dance With My Father. That was her best performance to date it was just amazingly beautiful. Her fans are loyal and pretty crazy too, you do not want to mess with Jessica fans! I still think she can win this whole thing even though many critics say she isn't deserving...ill keep my mouth shut for now.

Phillip Phillips
Current Rank: 2
Previous Rank: 1

Phillip didn't really have a strong week, and you can just see it in all his performances that he isn't here to win the show. I know he just wants to be all about the music but maybe he should challenge himself a little bit. He could have easily impressed us with a big Dave Mathews hit but instead he chose one that isn't well known but is considered a masterpiece to the hardcore DMB fans, which goes to show that phillip isn't trying to win the show but just wants to be heard. But incredibly he might win because many people love him.

Joshua Ledet
Current Rank: 3
Previous Rank: 4

I give credit to Joshua for having a crazy good voice and for having so much soul when he sings, but i wouldn't give him a standing ovation every time my eyes came in contact with him, which is what the judges are doing and i don't understand why. I'm sorry but Joshua just cant win this show, he's a boring contestant. But despite all of that he had a good week and ill say he goes home in the next few weeks.

Skylar Laine
Current Rank: 4
Previous Rank: 3

Its no surprise that am not much of a Skylar fan and this spot was reserved for Hollie, but Hollie was in the bottom 2 so..yeah. She was praised by the judges this week and her performances were good but nothing special to me. She has been fighting really hard i will admit but to make it to the top 3 alt least she is going to have to deliver some rockin performances.

Hollie Cavanagh
Current Rank: 5
Previous Rank: 5

Crap, I hate having to put Hollie in this position but the voters have spoken. I don't get it, shes had 2 good weeks and is making a comeback, i thought Hollie was reassuring herself as a real contender again. But she landed int he bottom 2 and i wont be surprised to see her eliminated next.

American Idol: Top 6 Results

This week was the first time I wasn't looking forward to results night because I like all the contestants and i don't want to see any of them go home. But I knew it would Be Elise Testone, Her attitude was getting a bit irritating and the fact that she sang an obscure song last night sealed the deal. Guest performances by Stefano Langone, it was pretty good i could see that making it to the radio down here in Miami. and also Katy Perry who I love, but I don't love her live lol.


  • Phillip Phillips 
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Joshua Ledet

Bottom 3:
  • Hollie Cavanagh (Booo!!)
  • Skylar Laine
  • Elise Testone

Elise Testone

Next week its rumored to be a British Theme

Thursday, April 26, 2012

American Idol Top 6: QUEEN

This week the top 6 took on Queen, which I was a bit worried about but wow these Contestants made me eat my words. Then they sang a personal choice and it was electric! there were some obscure song choices that had the judges very iffy. But overall it was a great night of music with some members of queen rocking out on stage. I wish Colton was still on the show but eh it is what it is. Oh i forgot to add...This is any body's game there are NO front runners.

From Worst To Best


Phillip Phillips - Fat Bottomed Girls
I couldn't stop laughing at this because he already has thousands of girl fans that literally want to ______ Phillip Phillips and he is up there singing about a woman's behind ha ha. This wasn't a great performance but it was enjoyable. without his guitar his body doesn't  know how to move properly though ha ha. his fellow contestants joked on him about that. 7/10

Joshua Ledet - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
I thought this was going to be cheesy but it turned out pretty good. the old style microphone was pretty neat too. and overall Joshua is a great performer and he seems to be switching things up now. but another standing ovation, are you kidding me? 7/10

Hollie Cavanagh - Save Me
Hollie couldn't have picked a better song for her voice and with that she was very stellar. even though she was dressed like the receptionist from hell, and she kept singing to the floor ha ha. but she got the pimp spot and did well for herself. but lord these judges acted so awkwardly. I feel as if they wanted to say something negative but felt bad. 7.5/10

Skylar Laine - The Show Must Go On
OK, so i thought it was a very stellar performance from Skylar and the judges loved it. but once again many people online HATED it. I must admit she was screaming on those higher notes but it wasn't that bad. hot performance but unfortunately she will be in the bottom 3. 7.5/10

Jessica Sanchez - Bohemian Rhapsody 
She did queens anthem, and killed it. well we all know she isn't a rocker but she did the best she can, i thought the beginning was lovely, but those giant heads in the background..kinda creepy. the judges wanted her to rock out more, ummm what the hell do they want her to do? bang her head on the floor! but anyways it wasn't her best but it was good. 8/10

Elise Testone - All I Want
I said before that queen is a great theme for Elise and i was right, she did great, not as good as i expected and not the song i would have chosen for her. but overall she did well in her "wheel house" whatever that means. This performance might save her from elimination, maybe. 9/10

ROUND2 Personal Choice

Skylar Laine - Tattoos On This Town
her second performance was not as good as the first one, her voice is still too country for my liking and i just found myself not caring about this performance. it was just OK and no doubt she is a good performer. i don't have much to say about this 6/10

Elise Testone - Bold As Love
I like Hendrix but why on earth did she choose this song? this song was just all over the place. Elise did sound good but this was the performance she needed to really blow us away with, and she really didn't. she is in trouble 7/10

Phillip Phillips - The Stone
Finally does a DMB song! he decides to face the comparisons head on. The song that he chose though was very unknown and JLO even called it obscure. the performance was quite haunting but i think in this situation, being compared to Dave so much, he should have gone with one of Dave's bigger hits like "where are you going" or "crash into me". I see him getting lots of criticism for doing a dmb song but so what? its the same as Jessica doing a bey once song or Joshua doing a fantasia song. which they both did. 8/10

Joshua Ledet - Ready For Love
I'm glad he chose this song because its soft and beautiful. every other week he comes out and screams and takes his songs to church, but this time it sounded more like rnb. it was pleasant to listen to i enjoyed it. but yet again another freaking standing ovation. 9/10

Jessica Sanchez - Dance With My Father
despite me not liking the song choice because its been done so much, i thought this was a GORGEOUS performance. she looked great sang flawless, very emotional performance. This might be her best performance yet and one of the best of the entire season. 9.5/10

Hollie Cavanagh - The Climb
this was hollies best performance and is definitely going in the season 11 highlights. not only did she sing the heck out of that song with so much emotion, but it was the perfect time for it. she has been the weakest link for weeks and the judges treat her like the ugly duckling, but she came out and sang the song that sent her to Hollywood last season, smart move. plus a standing ovation well deserved 9.5/10

Bottom 3: Skylar, Elise, Phillip

Friday, April 20, 2012

Whos Hot And Whos Not: Ranking The Top 6

Let me begin by saying, ranking the the top 6 was NOT easy.

Phillip Phillips
 Current Rank: 1
 Previous Rank: 3

Phillip Delivered One of his Best performances with his Usher "U Got It Bad" and now that both Colton And Jessica Have gotten the lowest votes in the last 2 weeks, Phillip takes back his Front runner status that he had during his audition. I'm Almost scared to rank him #1 though because the number one spots have been getting eliminated :/ . But he is the only contestant to not be in the bottom 3 yet, however it seems that all the front runners are having unexpected shockers hopefully it wont happen to Phillip.

Jessica Sanchez
Current Rank: 2
Previous Rank: 2

Jessica doesn't seem like the front runner she was in the top 13, but i think that's a good thing because I seen allot of people who were calling her overrated so I guess the save might have helped her. She deserves to go very far and I predict her to be in the top 2 but some still have a hard time connecting with Jessica, despite her having flawless vocals every week.

Skylar Laine
Current Rank: 3
Previous Rank:4

Skylar did a good job with her lady gaga country twist, but she completely failed with her second song. she comes in at number 3 because she hasn't been in the bottom 3 for 2 weeks straight meaning this underdog has got some fans. But on YouTube her 2 performances got more dislikes than likes so its got me wondering.

Joshua Ledet
Current Rank: 4
Previous Rank: 7

This one was hard, but Joshua takes fourth place only because he had a good week and he wasn't in the bottom 3. In some Weird way he is on the same boat as Elise, the judges LOVE him but if he has one bad performance the fans wont vote. The judges really seem to be pushing to have Joshua in the finale and i think that the over praising is gonna hurt him.

Hollie Cavanagh
Current Rank: 5
Previous Rank: 5

Hollie Had a great week and she definitely improved. But she was still this close to going home. she would have been ranked higher but the fact that she was in the bottom 3 makes me believe that her fans aren't in panic mode any more. But they should still be because Hollie could find herself in the bottom 3 every week until she goes home.

Elise Testone
Current Rank: 6
Previous Rank: 6

Elise didn't do so well this week, she is the oldest contestant and older people don't do well on the show anymore, and the big frown that she wears, all of these are factors in Elise being in the bottom three so much.  and I think next week is make it or break it. the theme is queen so its right in her alley, so if she nails it shes safe if not, it might be the end of her. I hope not thought I really like Elise and I hope she outlasts Skylar....sorry Skylar fans.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

American Idol top 7: Shocking Results AGAIN

Dear America, What are you guys thinking!? Last week Jessica This week Colton Dixon gets sent home. I'm officially lost, I don't know who is going to win idol this year. I had Jessica and Colton for the Finale and now everything's changed. The reason I believe he got the boot is because last night he stumbled and also Hollie's fans are still in survivor mode after what happen last week. So i guess my new idol superstition is that all the good looking guys go home 7th place. Ace Young, Stefano Langone, Tim Urban, and now Colton Dixon.


  • Phillip Phillips
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Skylar Laine(dammit i was wrong)
  • Joshua Ledet

Bottom 3:
  • Elise Testone
  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Colton Dixon

Going Home:
Colton Dixon!!??

Next week the top 6 will be singing One song from Queen and one Personal choice.

American Idol Top 7 Redux

Tonight the top 7 take the stage again to sing songs that you sing when auditioning ha ha. No they sang two songs each, a #1 hit from 2000 to 2012 and a oldie Goldie soul song. It was a pretty good show there were some just "eh" performances and some standouts. Also Ryan Opened the show with a tribute to Dick Clark who passed away. Usually after the save two contestants are eliminated the week after but since Jermaine Jones was disqualified I'm guessing that only one person will leave tomorrow night, and its a pretty tight race between these 7 kid they are all great. so now lets rank these 14 performances.

Worst to Best


Colton Dixon - Bad Romance
ummmmm...OK so he wins the award for most exciting performance and most bizarre outfit of the night. At first i hated this performance but as i watched it over a couple of times it wasn't as bad as i thought, still, Colton should never cover a lady gaga song, he just doesn't have the voice for it. and that Phillip vs Colton thing..I'm going to say Phillip wins tonight. 6/10

Skylar Laine - Born This Way
I saw allot of people online that really hated this performance, and while it was a bit nasally i enjoyed it. still not a fan of her honky tonk voice but she made this song her own and she rocked out, but unfortunately for her she might be going home this week. 7/10

Elise Testone - No One
Elise even with a good performance, she isn't safe. and this week should be no exception. i enjoyed her raspy voice on this song and overall it was a good performance. but she looked a bit uncomfortable idk why perhaps she should have played the piano. and is it just me or did i have a flash back of Haley Reinhart performing "Rhiannon" HA HA. 7.5/10

Jessica Sanchez - Fallin'
Sure queen Jessica was dethroned last week but she came out with a vengeance tonight and like always FLAWLESS VOCALS. there wasn't much going on in this performance but who cares this girl sounded amazing. oh and her big puffy hair, wins points with me ha ha. 8/10

Joshua Ledet - I Believe
Josh takes on his idol fantasia, singing her winning anthem. and let me say finally the Joshua that i enjoy listening to is back. he has been over singing songs that shouldn't be over sung, but in this one he restrained himself but by the end he took it to church which i didn't mind because he sounded great. the judges were gonna give him a standing o regardless of what he did, i think its in there contract to give Joshua a standing o every time he sings. 8/10

Phillip Phillips - U got It Bad
I'm so glad he did another usher song (white boy singing a usher song?!). he didn't growl his way through the song he actually just sat there and gave a "sexy" performance ha ha. this was one of my favorites of the night because he successfully took the song and put it in a way we've never heard it before, Phillip got the first standing o of the night. 8.5/10

Hollie Cavanagh - Rolling In The Deep
Hollie sang a song from her fellow Brit and let me say, she did Adele proud tonight. Now i wont make comparisons to Hayley's rendition from last season, but this was a great song choice for her and you can just see the emotion on her face. this is a brand new Hollie and it was her best performance on the show so far.I also love the way she started off acapella. 9/10


Skylar Laine - Heard It Through The Grapevine
She put a country twist to one of my favorites, and i didn't like it. Skylar gets points for the way she works the stage and for making it her own, but this just isn't a song you can flip to country. Skylar may be in trouble  5/10

Elise Testone - Lets Get It On
The white couch was weird but Elise gave a sexy fun performance, I was turned on by this one ha ha. but it was a bit too relaxed for idol and she could be going home. besides that though her voice is still amazing and very very sexy. 6/10

Phillip Phillips - In The Midnight Hour
Phillip sang, well like he does every week but he didn't play his guitar and he actually walked around a little! ha ha. this is a Phillip performance where some people would say he sounded a mess and some people will say he did his thing, I'm in between it was just OK for me. 6.5/10

Colton Dixon - September
he sits on his piano with beautiful staging, and turns a soulful song and make it sound dark and emo. I know lots of people didn't like it and the judges werent to fond of it. but I for one thought it was better than his first performance. you guys may disagree but i thought it was a decent performance, not his best but i liked it. he does get some points for making it his own. 7.5/10

Hollie Cavanagh - Son Of A Preacher Man
was this performance soulful? not really, but she sang the heck out of this song with her big voice. and once again she looked comfortable on the stage. with these two performances Hollie should be safe. 7.5/10

Joshua Ledet - A Change Is Gonna Come
is it me or do Joshua and Jessica share the same soulful voice, Joshua really connected with this song and he sang great you can just feel every word he sings. he definitely surpassed some of the other contestants tonight. just sucks that all the teen girl votes go to Colton and Phillip. 8/10

Jessica Sanchez - Try A Little Tenderness
this was hot! I love the song and I love what she did with it, sorta reminded me of her Las Vegas performance With the little sexy growl she does. the judges said some crap about her not connecting or w.e.. oh shut up. Jessica best of round 2 8.5/10

Bottom 3
Elise, Skylar, Colton

Friday, April 13, 2012

Whos Hot And Whos Not: Going Into The Top 7...Again

My Opinion Based On judges comments, performances, and feedback from fans

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Colton Dixon
Current rank: 1 
Previous rank: 2

Now that Jessica took the hard hit, Colton is now in the lead and i knew it was a matter of time before this kid was in the # 1 spot. He hasn't been in the bottom three yet and seems to be improving every week.

Jessica Sanchez
Current rank: 2
Previous rank: 1

After having to be saved it is clear that she isn't the one to beat anymore. I haven't dropped her that low because I know she has a huge fan base and I believe she can still recover. But have her chances at winning been hurt? definitely. 

Phillip Phillips
Current rank: : 3
Previous rank: 3

Phillip stays in number 3 because just like on the show, he isn't making any progress, yet he has never been in the bottom three. He needs to start picking better songs or something or his days on idol are numbered. then again who knows this guy seems to have tons of fans and is still my favorite contestant. 

Skylar Laine

Current rank: 4
Previous rank: 5

Skylar isn't a front runner just yet but she is consistent, showing improvement, and can easily become a dark horse. Again, I don't think another country singer is going to win idol but she is fighting hard.

Hollie Cavanagh
Current rank: 5
Previous rank: 7

She seemed to be the weakest link and she got hammered by the judges. But she does have a beautiful voice and is so underrated. Also that little stunt the judges tried to pull actually helped Hollie gain more fans. 

Elise Testone
Current rank: 6
Previous rank: 6

Elise has had some really good performances and she is talented. But Elise has been in the bottom three more than anyone else. She has to work harder than anyone else to get these votes because even with a good performance she still isn't safe. 

Joshua Ledet
Current rank: 7
Previous rank: 4

I had a hard time ranking Elise and Joshua but it all came down to Joshua votes splitting with Jessica Sanchez. It seems like Joshua and Jessica share similar fans and with Jessica almost being eliminated, the voters are going to double up there votes for her, leaving Joshua in the dust. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

American Idol Top 7 Results Shocker!


Tonight was the top 7 results and Jessica Sanchez, the judges favorite & the girl who I thought was clearly the one to beat, had the lowest amount of votes! Therese no way in hell the judges weren't going to use that save on her. Now i wonder if she stands a chance at winning anymore i mean if she couldn't survive the top 7 how is she going to beat them all. Very disappointing indeed. Oh yeah and Steven Tyler ruined the suspense, geez this guy is a horrible judge. Also Hollie Cavanagh was safe, she wasn't even in the bottom three, i guess viewers were so disgusted at how unfairly they treated her that they doubled up their votes for her. This season is becoming like a roller coaster, every contestant has a chance at wining right now. 

  • Phillip Phillips (surprised)
  • Hollie Cavanagh (yes!!)
  • Colton Dixon
  • Skylar Laine (Got Huffed)

Bottom 3:
  • Elise Testone
  • Jessica Sanchez 
  • Joshua Ledet

Jessica Sanchez SAVED!

Next week each contestant will sing 2 songs each

American Idol Top 7: Songs from This Decade

Remember the top 9 week? yeah forget that! this week the top 7 (IMO) gave the best show yet. these contestants are just so good one of the best groups idol has had. The top 7 sang songs from this decade and what a breathe of fresh air it was, a break from all that music that my grandpa listens to. The mentor Akon  didn't do anything just said w.e jimmy said. Let me just say how much I really dislike these judges, ever since last season (Haley) they have been hammering really good singers and they made Hollie no exception. Makes me miss Simon Cowell, even Paula or Kara. I believe nobody will go home, all the contestants are good enough to save. oh and jimmy is petting contestants against each other!? Colton vs PhillipAnyways lets rank these performances.

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From Worst to Best

Phillip Phillips - Give A Little More
OK this performance wasn't bad and it was better than what he did last week, i loved the beginning it started off real nice and slow. But once again I don't feel any progress from Phillip and the judges finally didn't praise his performance. He wont be going home but he might end up in the bottom 3. 7.5/10

Hollie Cavanagh - Perfect
Hollie came out there and sang her face off. best performance she has had in a while and I honestly couldn't find anything wrong with her performance. oh but the judges sure did, giving her the Haley treatment. I really don't understand why not give her the credit she deserves. I'm making this a big deal because it just isn't fair. I'm sure she will land in the bottom three and if she is eliminated, hopefully the clowns give her the save. 7.5/10

Joshua Ledet - Runaway Baby
I actually really liked this one from Josh he didn't over sing it and at first i thought it was going to be a cheesy performance but it turned out really well. But remember the last time he did an up beat joint? yeah he landed in the bottom 3. Oh and a standing ovation? really? 8/10

Elise Testone - You & I
And so the comparisons to a certain season 10 contestant starts ha ha OK but Elise while not the best vocal of the night she definitely gave a great performance. I love her voice more and more every week. This sorta reminded me of her top 25 performance of "one & only". I wish she would have stayed on the piano though

Skylar Laine - Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You
I'm not a fan of Skylar, but she wowed me with this one. The song was PERFECT for her I can see her recording that right now. She is like Scotty Mcreery, Lauren Alaina, and Kellie Pickler in one body. This was a hot vocal, literally it was hot she had flames in the background ha ha. She should be safe but she did go first and she isn't as popular as some of the other contestants. 9/10

Colton Dixon - Love The Way You Lie
My favorite of the night, a simple and beautiful song with great vocals and sitting behind the piano. this one had girls melting all over American ha ha. Just amazing. And that Whole "Colton vs Phillip" thing. Colton wins tonight. 9/10

Jessica Sanchez - Stuttering
Another flawless performance from Jessica. the things she does with her voice and her vocal control is just amazing this girl can SANG! she will be safe, man she'll be in the top 2 I called it. 9/10

Bottom 3 
Joshua, Hollie, Skylar/Phillip

Friday, April 6, 2012

Whos Hot And Whos Not: Going Into The Top 7

My Opinion Based On Performances, Judges Comments, Reaction From Fans

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  1. Jessica Sanchez - Clearly the one to beat 
  2. Colton Dixon - My guess is he is going to crack the top 3
  3. Phillip Phillips - He needs a Moment
  4. Joshua Ledet - Everyone seems to love this kid 
  5. Skylar Laine - She is definetly making her mark on the show
  6. Elise Testone - How can she drop so low? well that's what happens when you aren't as popular as the other contestants and you have a bad week.
  7. Hollie Cavanagh - She got one more week and its definetly do or die for her. I think its funny how she went from being a front runner to a possible underdog.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

American Idol Top 8 Results


Tonight we say goodbye to Deandre Brackensick and his hair. I thought they would use the save and i honestly wouldn't have been upset if they did. But this was no big surprise like i said before, his elimination was just waiting to happen. Also we saw performances from UK band "The Wanted" and former Idol contestant Kellie Pickler. I also want to say how unfair i think jimmy is being. he is pretty much comparing the weaker contestants to the much stronger ones and is picking favorites. There was no doubt jimmy wanted to see Deandre gone.

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  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Joshua Ledet (Yeah i was wrong)
  • Colton Dixon
  • Skylar Laine
  • Phillip Phillips

Bottom 3:
  • Hollie Cavanagh (Why does it seem like the judges want her gone)
  • Deandre Brackensick
  • Elise Testone
Deandre Brackensick

Next week the top 7 will be singing songs from this decade!! 2010, 2011, 2012. This will show how the remaining contestants will blend with the current music of today. I'm very excited! Also they will be mentored by Akon.

American Idol Top 8: Songs From The 80's

The crazy 8 sing songs from the 80's we are getting closer to the end and the competition is getting hot but last night wasn't so...great. front runners stumbled and underdogs shined, it was a weird night. the mentors were good though they actually did more than just tell the contestants to "feel" the song. i have to say there were some disappointing performances tonight, well at least for me, and only like two that really stood out. oh and randy has a new catch phrase "gotta have it". Plus the duets were fantastic, Joshua and Jessica's duet has to be one of the best performances of the season.

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From Worst to Best

Hollie Cavanagh- Flashdance (What A Feeling)
poor Hollie is in HUGE trouble this week, i didn't think it was that bad she looked like she was having fun and she didn't sing a boring ballad but the judges hammered her. whats really bringing her down is that she needs to stop thinking so much and just sing.

 Elise Testone- I Want To Know What Love Is
so the hot streak ends. this performance wasn't bad but compared to her last 3, yeah it wasn't so good. im glad she didn't choose "hallelujah" but this wasn't a good song for her either. i think people are still stuck on her last weeks performance so she should be OK.

Phillip Phillips- Thats All
i kinda liked it but it was a lazy performance not his best. every week he stands in that same spot, with his guitar and sings every song exactly the same and also i think its time hes had a moment on the show, all the front runners have had a moment except Phillip. it was kinda ironic how the lyrics to his song were "its always the same its just a shame" HAHA 

Joshua Ledet-  If You Don't Know Me By Now
ummm...i loved the beginning i was so excited i thought he was going to kill it..and then he took it to church and over sang the song and threw in those unnecessary screams. usually it works for him but not this time, hey josh ya don't need to take it to church every week! i was disappointed. But there is no denying he is still the strongest male vocalist left. 

Skylar Laine- Wind Beneath My Wings
OK so this underdog is trying to show america shes in it to win it, but i just wasn't so impressed. she sounded OK and looked great but her voice isn't big enough for a song like this. she wont be going home so thats a good thing for her. am still not a fan.

Deandre Brackensick- I Like It
Very soulful a good song choice and a stellar performance, are you as surprised as i am? he had a variety of falsetto and natural voice which was pleasant and theres no denying that he rose above some of the other contestants. now that i complimented him, this kids elimination is just waiting to happen. i just dont see him making it past 6th place. 

Jessica Sanchez- How Will I Know
to me, second best of the night. Jessica is playing the idol game very well. this week she didn't sing a big ballad she took an up tempo song and sounded great. she is a great performer and it comes naturally. she isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Colton Dixon- Time After Time
best of the night, at first i wasn't sure about the song choice but he came out there and killed it putting his own little indie rock twist on it. like i said before he has the best chance of winning the show even if it is because he gets all the "teen" votes. but why change your hair color though? didnt he see what happened to Erika when she tried it haha.

Bottom Three:
Joshua, Elise, Hollie