american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Friday, September 21, 2012


Wednesdays audition show was the best one yet! OK we are still early in the show but i mean the amount of talent this time was leaps and bounds greater than last week. Simon cowell wasn't present for half of the show supposedly he was "sick". Demi and Britney are still doing good so far, i wonder how they'll be during the live shows. enough talk and on the these auditions.

Rizzloe Jones
Britney compared him to vanilla ice...i don't think that's a compliment haha. this kid has energy and what not but the rapping was pretty mediocre, i couldn't even understand a word he said. He is no Astro or Chris Rene sorry. 5/10

CeCe Frey
This girl has the look, the attitude, the facial leopard print makeup, but umm wheres her voice? Her rendition of unchained melody was terrible, and her second song choice was better, but sounded like some drunk girl at a karaoke. 4/10

Vivo Alan
This was your typical Josh krajkic type of audition. With all the tattoos on his head you really wouldn't expect him to have a pretty decent voice. His voice is soulful and gritty but i just don't think hell go very far. 6/10

Tate Stevens
Good Ole Country boy, or man. Sounds like Scotty Mcreery in about 10 years haha. But honestly Tate has a funny likable personality and one heck of a country voice. If he plays the guitar this game is over haha and i don't even like country music. 8.5/10

Simon was right, this was so 10 years ago. They have good voices but these guys bored me to death, and it was a bit cheesy 5/10

Diamond White
This girl was adorable, she talks exactly like Britney spears haha. Once again i hate 13 year old singers but she was really good. Like every other 13 year old singer she needs some time to mature. Also it was kind of hard for me to like her song choice of Its a mans world, when all i can think about is Joshua Ledet. 7.5/10

Ally Brookes
This girl is really pretty and she seems like the Innocent Kelly clarkson, Carrie Underwood type. The singing is good i liked it alot but then she didn't stop, She kept singing and singing and it just ruined the whole thing, Good voice big ego. She needs to slow her roll if she wants to win over the audience. 7/10

Brandan Hassan
From the little clip i saw this kid has a nice voice, He is definitely one to look out for he seems like a contestant that will get very popular later in the competition. 7/10

Normani Hamilton
Didn't hear much but it wasn't anything special 4.5/10

Sister C
Wow there parents must have really good genes haha. Beautiful ladies with amazing harmony and good country voices. 8/10

Jeremiah & Josh
Once again this was a short clip and they did nothing for me, decent voices though. Britney sure loves them though. 5.5/10

Panda Ross
This woman was so entertaining, and she has a thing for Simon haha! Her voice is pretty fantastic but the problem is that her music wont sell. I still want her to stay around though she was fun. Oh and she was carried away by the ambulance, hope shes OK. 8/10

Jessica espinoza
Jessica reminds me so much of Allison Iraheta from American idol season 8. I love her rocker edge, and she sings with such passion. Definitely one of my favorites, hopefully they don't turn her into some pop artist. 8.5/10

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