american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Thursday, April 12, 2012

American Idol Top 7: Songs from This Decade

Remember the top 9 week? yeah forget that! this week the top 7 (IMO) gave the best show yet. these contestants are just so good one of the best groups idol has had. The top 7 sang songs from this decade and what a breathe of fresh air it was, a break from all that music that my grandpa listens to. The mentor Akon  didn't do anything just said w.e jimmy said. Let me just say how much I really dislike these judges, ever since last season (Haley) they have been hammering really good singers and they made Hollie no exception. Makes me miss Simon Cowell, even Paula or Kara. I believe nobody will go home, all the contestants are good enough to save. oh and jimmy is petting contestants against each other!? Colton vs PhillipAnyways lets rank these performances.

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From Worst to Best

Phillip Phillips - Give A Little More
OK this performance wasn't bad and it was better than what he did last week, i loved the beginning it started off real nice and slow. But once again I don't feel any progress from Phillip and the judges finally didn't praise his performance. He wont be going home but he might end up in the bottom 3. 7.5/10

Hollie Cavanagh - Perfect
Hollie came out there and sang her face off. best performance she has had in a while and I honestly couldn't find anything wrong with her performance. oh but the judges sure did, giving her the Haley treatment. I really don't understand why not give her the credit she deserves. I'm making this a big deal because it just isn't fair. I'm sure she will land in the bottom three and if she is eliminated, hopefully the clowns give her the save. 7.5/10

Joshua Ledet - Runaway Baby
I actually really liked this one from Josh he didn't over sing it and at first i thought it was going to be a cheesy performance but it turned out really well. But remember the last time he did an up beat joint? yeah he landed in the bottom 3. Oh and a standing ovation? really? 8/10

Elise Testone - You & I
And so the comparisons to a certain season 10 contestant starts ha ha OK but Elise while not the best vocal of the night she definitely gave a great performance. I love her voice more and more every week. This sorta reminded me of her top 25 performance of "one & only". I wish she would have stayed on the piano though

Skylar Laine - Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You
I'm not a fan of Skylar, but she wowed me with this one. The song was PERFECT for her I can see her recording that right now. She is like Scotty Mcreery, Lauren Alaina, and Kellie Pickler in one body. This was a hot vocal, literally it was hot she had flames in the background ha ha. She should be safe but she did go first and she isn't as popular as some of the other contestants. 9/10

Colton Dixon - Love The Way You Lie
My favorite of the night, a simple and beautiful song with great vocals and sitting behind the piano. this one had girls melting all over American ha ha. Just amazing. And that Whole "Colton vs Phillip" thing. Colton wins tonight. 9/10

Jessica Sanchez - Stuttering
Another flawless performance from Jessica. the things she does with her voice and her vocal control is just amazing this girl can SANG! she will be safe, man she'll be in the top 2 I called it. 9/10

Bottom 3 
Joshua, Hollie, Skylar/Phillip


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