american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

American Idol 13:Boston/Austin Auditions

Sorry I'm late on this post but Ive been a lil busy, i promise to recap this whole season though! not like last season where i skipped a few weeks but can you really blame me?? Any ways this was the season premiere of season 13! wow this show has been around for more than half my life haha. Lets talk about these judges firstly, Jennifer is still very easy to please but having more experience than the other two judges i think that will force her to step her game up a little bit, Keith urban is well, still a pretty decent judge he give good critics, looks like hes actually enjoying himself, but still easy to please just like jlo. And Harry connick jr. this guy is freakin hilarious and he gives it to you straight, hes just what idol needed, an honest funny judge that wont create drama.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why American Idol is Going to be Great This Season

We've all waited a year, watching other singing competitions like The x Factor, The voice, But there is no other show like American idol and its on its 13th season! Settle down children i know i haven't blogged in a while but i just don't see the point in blogging about any other show, I'm just too lazy to do it honestly. Nevertheless lets talk about the season premiere that will happen tonight and all of the new changes American idol has gone through.everyone knows by now that randy Jackson is no longer on the panel that would make it the first season with no original judge. The three judges for this season are Keith urban, Harry connick Jr, and....wait for it.....JLO haha! I'm actually not even mad tat they brought her back, hate it or love it shell do so much better than Nicki or Mariah. Here is why I believe American idol will have a great season, this is just my theory. for about 6 years American idol went through the WGWG phase, every year a white kid with a guitar wins back to back to back and alot of people just got feed up with it. So last season, the producers were desperate, so desperate that they casted the most lackluster group of guy contestants, jeopardizing the talent on the show just so a female could win, and it worked, no doubt there was going to be a female winner last year, it was actually a pretty smart move if you ask me because now this season American idol is starting off fresh. new judges, we ended the WGWG era, so who knows what kind of talent well get this year.i for one am super excited.