american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Thursday, May 31, 2012

American Idol 11: Top 25 Performances

I'm back to wrap up the American idol season 11 which was the best season of american idol. its time for me to dish out my favorite performances of the season. After a season jam packed with so many good performances it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to just 10 or 15 so instead i picked the top 25 performances of the season and i will try my best not to include too many Jessica performances haha shes had so many. I am in no way an expert and this list was really hard to rank i even had to leave out a few performances that i enjoyed. feel free to leave a comment!


25. Edge Of Glory - Erika Van Pelt

This was Erikas wild card performance and she nailed it. i could feel how badly she wanted to get that wild card spot and for that it made my list. Before this performance every one was talking about how much they liked Erika and i for one couldn't see why. i didn't like her during Hollywood week but she changed my mind with this one.

24. U Got It Bad - Phillip Phillips

When a white boy does an rnb song with his guitar, America just eats that up and so did i. one of Phillips sexiest performances and also this is what i enjoyed about Phillip is that he can take a song from any genre and make it his own. I also liked the fact that he recognized each band member right after the performance was finished. 

23. You Pulled Me Through - Joshua Ledet

Surprisingly i did not see this performance make anybodies list but it will make mines. when Joshua sang this Jennifer Hudson song he declared himself a front runner and he showed America how talented he was. i literally felt a tear drop fall out of my eyes while watching this performance.

22. We've Got Tonight - Phillip Phillips

Could you have imagined Phillip getting intimate with the crowd but without his guitar? i couldnt either but when jimmy chose this song for Phillip he knew exactly what he was doing. this performance melted so many young hearts throughout America haha and with this song he secured his spot in the finale.

21. Sweet Dreams - Jessica Sanchez

The first of many performances from Jessica to make this list. I had said before that Jessica is the next beyonce and she proved me right with this performance. the vocals were restrained and terrific and even though those red doors were a little distracting she pulled it off great. I don't think she got enough credit for slowing down the arrangement but hey she isn't a guy so of course the judges wouldn't care.

20. Everybody Has A Dream - Jessica Sanchez

Jessica's most underrated performance this season. it wasn't beyonce or Whitney or a dream girls song but she sang the crap out of this billy Joel single that Ive never heard before. the lyrics say "everybody has a dream and this is my dream" and she sure as hell sang like her dream was to be on that idol stage. 

19. Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You - Skylar Laine

Ok no surprise that i wasn't a big Skylar fan but when she sang this song i almost changed my mind about her..almost. she sounded current, vocally good, and i felt like she sang it better than the original. What i liked about this performance is that i felt like i was watching a skylar laine concert. 

18. This Woman's Work - Deandre Brackensick

Ok Ok this want a live performance and we only got to hear like a minute of it but i LOVED it, i had to put it in. his falsetto gave me chills and also his chest voice sounded good too. this was the point in the competition where i thought Deandre was going to be a real contender for the title but unfortunately he flopped as soon as he hit the live shows. 

17. One & Only - Elise Testone

Just like Erika, everyone was talking about Elise, and i hated her up until the top 25 when she sang one & only. she sounded raspy and gritty and she was playing the piano. this was hands down my favorite female performance of the night. i became a fan of hers right after this.

16. Stuttering - Jessica Sanchez

The one that got Jessica "eliminated" made the list. i don't understand why the audience didn't vote after this freakin amazing vocal performance. this was the first time she showed us this softer side and the things she did with her voice were just wow. I cant forget how she almost missed the piano when sitting back down, how embarrassing would that have been if she didn't catch herself haha.

15. You Are So Beautiful - Jessica Sanchez

Every time a girl performs laying down on the stage it always turns out to be a beautiful moment (fantasia, Katherine mcphee). this was Jessica's most vulnerable and subtle performance and she sounded amazing. This show cased that Jessica wasn't just a singing machine and that she could connect with a song.

14. Bleeding Love - Hollie Cavanagh 

One of Hollie best vocals of the season, i know Leona Lewis sang the heck out of this song but Hollie did just as good. the staging was beautiful but yet so simple. the vocals were flawless and that big note she hit was genius. After this performance i really thought she had a chance to go all the way. 

13. I Will Always Love You - Jessica Sanchez

Arguably one of the highlight performances of this season. a tribute to the late Whitney Houston and it was a stunning moment. even though she came off a little bit too practiced it didn't even matter because her pitch was perfect and the the entire vocal was phenomenal and only 16 years old!

12. Vienna - Elise Testone

This was during Elise's hot streak in the early rounds of the competition. Ive heard the original and Elise honestly did it so much better (no offense to billy Joel) but those runs she did at the end was something Ive never heard before it almost sounded middle eastern. this performance was so refreshing and it was a vocal master class.

11. Ready For Love - Joshua Ledet

After weeks and weeks of Joshua hollering and screaming in every one of his songs, he scaled it back and restrained himself in his beautiful rendition of ready for love. He showed that not only could he give electrifying performances but that he could connect with the song in an intimate way. by the end he was emotional and so was i haha.

10. Piano Man - Colton Dixon

Colton dixon was in desperate need of a moment and he came very close with piano man. first of all the staging, while copying the idea from the x factor, it was beautiful and just captured the moment. Secondly his vocals werent the best but he sang the song as if it were his own song, singing piano man while playing the piano how perfect is that! i loved every second of it.

9. The Climb - Hollie Cavanagh

One of my favorite moments of the season, Hollies Triumphant comeback. After weeks and weeks of being the judges pinata for criticism, Hollie brought back the very song she sang two years ago to make it to Hollywood. She sang the crap out of this song better than Miley Cyrus and better than Lauren Alaina. But she ended up in the bottom 2 the very next night.

8. Love The Way You Lie - Colton Dixon

My favorite Colton performance. He picked a female song and nailed it showing how current he can actually be. i don't think Ive ever seen a contestant on idol that gave this kind of vibe on stage it just gives you chills. After this performance i was sure he would end up in the top 3 but unfortunately he stumbled the very next week.

7. When A Man Loves A Woman - Joshua Ledet

When i heard he was doing this played out old song i was just like oh lord. But Joshua came out there and gave one heck of a performance! this just made me jump off my seat and say wow (much like Melinda Doolittle did haha). Then he pursed to take off his jacket, who knew Joshua could be sexy? I think its time to retire this song no one will ever sing it the way he did.

6. Home - Phillip Phillips

The triumphant performance that sealed the deal for Phillips victory. Usually the coronation songs suck really bad so i was expecting a total mess from Phillip but when it started i said wow this is actually pretty good, and it turned out to be the best coronation song in American idol history! And when he performed it the second time around after being announced as the winner he just choked up in tears, how can you be mad that won after that?

5. The Prayer - Jessica Sanchez

My favorite Jessica Sanchez performance and the performance that made me tear up the most all season haha. When she sang this in La's Vegas i just said to myself this girl is going to win and i was almost right. it was even better the second time around her voice was soo restrained but she gave us that one big beautiful note. Jennifer Lopez said something after this performance that really pissed me off, but regardless of what Jlo says i loved it.

4. Volcano - Phillip Phillips

For a couple of weeks Phillips performances were just horrible, time of the season, the letter. And i was starting to count him out of the competition. But then he pulled this out of his pocket and delivered his best performance on the show. Ive never heard of volcano and I'm sure most of America hasn't either but it didn't even matter because this performance was just perfect, it was a "Mad World" type of moment. The back up singer and the Cello or whatever it was just made it even more captivating. 

3. And I Am Telling You - Jessica Sanchez

 After this performance i was saying Jennifer Hudson who?? haha but for real Jessica freakin sang the living day lights out of this song i mean i was speechless.I'm sure this is a song she perfected when she was 5 years old and her emotion was on point. if this was her very last performance on the show the outcome of the winner would have been very different. But when she sang this with Jennifer Holliday in the finale, it was the best duet ever on idol EVER!

2. Whole Lotta Love - Elise Testone

Coming in at # 2, Who knew that Elise testone was more of a rocker than colton dixon haha! This performance was just amazing a true rock star performance. I know Adam Lambert sang this but his version was more aggressive, Elise was sexy, and gritty, and just pure magic. with this performance Elise found herself at the top of the pact and honestly at that moment the competition was for her to loose, i guess she didn't like that front runner status. But either way this will go down as one of the best rock performances in idol history.

1. Its A Mans Mans World - Joshua Ledet

And the #1 performance of the season, its a mans mans mans mans mans world. I thought i had seen all that Joshua had to offer but with this performance he literally sounded out of this world. i mean his swagger, the growls, the alien singing, everything about this performance was amazing. This song should just be retired from idol because no one can come close to giving a performance like this ever. The only way to describe watching this is mind blowing!

Friday, May 25, 2012

American Idol 11: FINALE

I should have definitely live blogged this, but o well. Last nights finale was awesome and even though it had the lowest amount of viewers in the shows finale history, it was still a great show. After dealing with surgeries and battling out against some of the best singers ever on the show, the 21 yr old pawn shop worker Phillip Phillips became the new American idol champion. With his "too cool for school" attitude and always staying true to himself no matter what he managed to capture the hearts of America..a whopping 132 million votes came through, i can remember right before this season of american idol i was watching the commercials for the auditions and i caught a glimpse of phillip philips, i remember saying "is that going to be a kid to watch out for". so i wasn't mad at all just a little bitter that the first girl winner in 5 years wasn't announced but theres always next year. so ladies and gentlemen here's how it all went down!

The top 12 (minus Jermaine Jones) open up with Bruno mars "runaway baby". which Joshua ledet covered this year. it was pretty fun with all those dancers.

Phillip Phillip does his duet with John Fogerty. pretty neat though i don't care much for his music.

Fantasia and Mantasia sing a duet, #1 what is fantasia wearing haha i love her #2 damn is this church or the finale?!

The top 6 girls perform with chaka khan (who is also wearing a tight suit) hey Shannon magrane sounded pretty good haha.

Rhianna performs her new song, i liked it i always like Rhianna's performances.

Mother and daughter duet haha. Reba and Skylar have a duet

  • Jessica Sanchez singing i will always love you, again? it was kinda strange but she sounded lovely

Top 6 guys medley with Neil diamond, where is idol getting these guest performers, the retirement home?

  • The top 12 sing the freakin phone book, funniest thing all season haha!!!!

jlo performed..she looked good but ummm yeah, fantastic lip syncing?

awwwww ace young and Diana degarmo got engaged...stop trying to steal the spot light!

Hollie cavanagh and Jordin sparks duet, WOW. that is all

The boys sing a bee gees was a tribute but i was was bored


And finally aerosmith performs, awesome...but Jessica and Jennifer..i cant even...

  • Phillip and Jessica duet
  • dim the lights here we go!....And the winner of American idol season 11 is...
  • PHILLIP PHILLIPS aka Dave Mathews in disguise! and he gave an emotional performance , well he sang like half of it. 

Ok so i wanted Jessica to win but Phillip did deserve it as well he has been very humble all season. congrats to him. so that wraps up this season of American idol but im not finished, ill have my favorite performances of the year posted later. i know allot of people who say they are going to stop watching the show but im sure most of them wont, i will be watching next season but its just getting really annoying when the winner is always the same every year but to be fair i kinda knew Phillip would win from the very beginning since the "audition you don't wanna miss". and so with that, until next year buh bye!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Idol: Final 2

Tonight the final 2 performed live in the nokia theater in front of 7,000 fans in the last performance show of the season, damn I'm sad. but also excited because Jessica and Phillip both killed it. this has to be such a tight race with pp being very popular and Jessica having  huge fan base. but in the end it will all come down to who gave better performances tonight and I'm going to give my thoughts on who won each round. Round 1 was Simon fullers choice, second round was the contestants favorite performance of the season, and the last round was the winners song. Also the reigning champ Scott mccreery sang "please remember me".


Jessica Sanchez - "I Have Nothing"
A Whitney ballad? i don't support this decision at all especially giving Jessica one of Whitney's toughest songs. Even Melanie amaro had some pitch issues when she sang this on the xfactor but i think Jessica did it better. it wasn't perfect but it was really good. Jessica just has so much soul in her voice that its impossible for her to sing bad. that one big note that every one seems to have trouble with she hit it 100x better than Shannon magrane haha! it was a great way to start off the show. 8.5/10

Phillip Phillips - "Stand By Me"
Really? i was expecting something more in Phillips "wheel house" i was not expecting this played out jam. i have to say he sang it a way I've never heard it, it was a sexy slowed down performance with the acoustic guitar i almost didn't recognize it. i enjoyed it but for top 2? NAH. I enjoy Phillips style though i hate doing this but he really is a "true artist" and that showcased with this performance.  8/10


Jessica Sanchez - "The Prayer"
Hallelujah! i was hoping she sang this song and she did not disappoint. the first time i heard Jessica sing this song i fell in love with her voice, and it was eve better the second time around. this is hands down my favorite performance of the season. yes it was another ballad but this one was more emotional i almost cried listening to it haha. I'm going too quote Steven Tyler on this one "beautiful". 9/10

Phillip Phillips - "Moving out"
After hearing Jessica perform and was wondering how pp would top that, and unfortunately he didn't. but to be fair it came close because i loved this performance as well. i seriously thought he would have gone with volcano but oh well. i liked this one the second time around also he just looked so happy and he rocked it out. Jennifer said Phillip won this round, over the prayer? is she serious? 8/10


Jessica Sanchez - "Change Nothing"
why in the world is this her coronation song? Jessica is a soul singer and this is a pop ballad, oh lord. also the lyrics aren't even inspiring as they should be. horrible winners song but these things are always bad so i cant complain. Jessica sang this as good as she can i mean she sang fantastic but this song is just not right for her, not her fault. the judges were pretty hard on her, but honestly its more of a winners song than Phillips. 7.5/10

Phillip Phillips - "Home"
Okay not all coronation songs suck, because i will be jamming to this all night long haha. I was always wondering what kind of song would Phillip sing if he won, and while it isn't a big song it was definitely his best of the night. for some reason this reminded of cold play? idk... but this performance even had a marching band how awesome was that haha. Phillip might have won the night with this one. 9/10

My Prediction

I like both Phillip and Jessica and its no secret that Phillip has been one of my favorites but my vote goes for Jessica, she had great performances all season and she is a GIRL. Phillip will only be bunched in with the WGWG nonsense. I just think Jessica will make a much better American idol. but can she stop the cute white guy dynasty? In the end i believe Phillip might take it all but i hope not its time for a change. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

American Idol: What should the top 2 sing

Its hard to accept that there are only 2 episodes left of idol season 11 :( but i cant complain this was on heck of season. if you would have told me 2 months ago that colton wasn't going to be in the finale i would have slapped you and called you crazy! haha but seriously I'm excited about Jessica vs Phillip and right now I'm going to dish out what I i think the top 2 should sing tomorrow night.

Simon Fullers pick

Phillip Phillips: All season long Ive been aching for Phillip to give us a "Thriller" or "Nice & Slow" type of performance and he really hasn't. so a good song choice for Phillip IMO would be maybe Outkast "Hey Ya" (the Obadiah Parker version). Another choice would be a Dave Mathews song yes i know hes already done one but Ive been wanting to hear pp sing "Where are you going" i think it can be a real moment for him. And finally for the ladies id suggest Keith Sweats "Nobody" Haha!!

Obadiah Parker "Hey Ya"

Dave Mathews "Where Are You Going"

Jessica Sanchez: I know she loves beyonce and she sounds just liker her so id like to see her sing Beyonces "If I Were A Boy". Another pick would be a soft a beautiful performance of ANY Sade song it think her voice is perfect to pull it off. And my last pick would be a redo of her Americas Got Talent performance of  Celine Dion's "I Surrender" perfect would that be.

Jessica Sings "I Surrender"

Beyonce "If I Were A Boy"


Phillip Phillips: If he cant bring back thriller or nice & slow that would suck but I'm sure its a performance from top 13 and later. So for pp id pick Volcano which was his best performance but it was so recent. so instead he could go with "Superstition" or "Still Raining". 

Jessica Sanchez: I would pick "I will always love you" or "And i am telling you"but i have a feeling she wont do neither. So her best pick would be dance with my father or you are so beautiful. I would have preferred stuttering but that performance almost got her eliminated. i would also love to hear her performance from the SFYL round "the prayer".

What would you like to hear? leave a comment with your choices. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

American Idol: Top 3 Results

After a disappointing night of performances from a great top 3, the top 2 were announced and Joshua ledet got the boot. This kid was a great singer and obviously the judges were torn by his elimination but i saw this one coming. while i wasn't happy about last nights performances i still cant forget how amazing these kids have been all season long and how much better i like this years top 2 than i did last year. we saw performances from the awesome Adam Lambert and from Lisa Marie Presley...she kinda bored me. And on to the results

Sent back to safety first:

  • Jessica Sanchez (YESSSS!!!)

  • Phillip Phillips

  • Joshua Ledet

exactly what i predicted, am not surprised at all by who made the finale i knew Joshua and Jessica would cancel each other out. Now even though Phillip and Jessica's vocal abilities are miles apart..this should be a close race. ill be back later to talk about the top 2 and my prediction. 

American Idol: Top 3 Recap

The Top 3 performed 3 songs each, personal choice, judges choice, Jimmy's choice and this is the first time I've ever given so much bad critics in one night. there were like 2 or 3 good performances but overall some very bad song choices. and who got sabotaged this say Jessica did. we all know Phillip is a lock for top 2 so will it be Jessica or the man with 20 standing Os Joshua. also the top 3 went on there hometown visit, the only one who got teary eyed was Phillip, and a hometown visit without 

Judges Choice

Joshua Ledet - Id Rather Go Blind
I actually loved 75% of this performance he sounded really good and it was a good but old song choice and by the end all the scatting and the screaming was just too much. he really doesn't have to scream at the end of all his performances! also he got his weekly dose of standing ovation. I'm telling you idk if Nigel plans to turn people off with all the praise or if his plan is to hype Joshua up all the way to the finale. 7/10

Phillip Phillips - Beggin'
I love this song and at first i was like man Phillip is gonna kill it, and he did pretty decent with it but the whole performance wasn't planned out right or something, he was off beat or maybe thats how he wanted to sing it. but overall i enjoyed it, had me bopping my head a little bit haha. i would have enjoyed the whole thing just with the guitar like he did in the beginning. 8/10

Jessica Sanchez - My All
Her best performance of the night, this is a very difficult song to sing but Jessica killed. her falsetto is like eating a Klondike bar in heaven its freaking beautiful. also is it just me or has the evil genius Nigel Lythgoe somehow made Jessica seem like an underdog tonight....i see what your doing you brilliant evil bastard. 8/10

Contestants Choice

Joshua Ledet - Imagine
All i was thinking about was how much this performance paled in comparison to Archie's rendition (yes I'm going there). he didn't sell me on the emotion and overall this just isn't the type of song for Joshua to sing. he sounded good and i love this song but I'm not a big fan of this performance. very forgettable as well. If you didn't like Joshua before, this performance wouldn't change your mind. 6.5/10

Jessica Sanchez - I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing
This performance was pretty good but not the best shes ever done, the first time i was actually frustrated with Jessica since she is usually flawless and so emotional. but on this song she didn't connect and she cracked a little on that last note (even though i thought it sounded cute). i wish she would have chosen a beyonce song or something. i mean she sounded great throughout but it wasn't the Jessica that i know. 7/10

Phillip Phillips - Disease 
The judges gave pp a hard time for this one, wow finally, and i agree with them. it was something you sing in your bedroom not on top 3 night. it was a cool little pp performance complete with the sax,  but it was forgettable and just...ehh. didn't care for it, although it was probably the best of the round. 7.5/10

Jimmy's Choice

Jessica Sanchez - Ill Be There
Come on jimmy! ok she sounded good since its obvious that she sounds great even when she isn't giving her best performance, but come jimmy! this song can never give Jessica a "moment moment"..."moment"...randy you are an..i cant even...but seriously i agree with him this song was just ok for me. at this point of the competition you have to bring out the big guns and this felt like a top 10 week performance. I hope she isn't in trouble. 7.5/10

Joshua Ledet - No More Drama
Is Joshua possessed? haha no but it seemed like it on stage. i went to church twice during this performance and i feel like there was more "church magic" as jimmy calls it, then there was of actual singing. I'm not a huge fan of his "church magic" unless he pulls it off and in this song he did pretty well. his best of the night. But once again it didn't bring in any new fans. 8/10

Phillip Phillips - We've Got Tonight
Wow i did not expect this from pp, this was technically his best vocal and just a beautiful performance. since he didn't have his guitar he rubbed his leg a little too much haha. this performance sent him straight to the finale it was the best of the night for me good job jimmy even though im sure the plan for tonight was to put all the atention on phillip. 9/10 

Joshua or Jessica is going home.