american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

American Idol 12: Hollywood Week

Sorry guys my laptop is broken and I'm here using my phone ughh. So last week was the dreaded Hollywood week and unlike past seasons, this year the boys and the girls we're separated for what reason i don't know. Their were a few stand outs and alot of bad singing and forgetting lyrics. First ill talk judges then the.boys.then the girls. Lets go

Let me start with Nicki minaj who surprisingly i love as a judge, she seems interested in the contestants, she says what we all are thinking and shes funny. Although i don't understand why she.praises so many bad performances. Mariah Carey...shes Mariah Carey all she has to do is show up i guess haha. Keith urban is another great judge he really knows how to lighten up the mood and probably gives the most useful feedback. And then theres randy, who just yell "yeah yeah yeah" all the time.

The Guys

This year i think Nigel is making sure a girl wins this year so we saw almost no wgwg in Hollywood week and only a handful of standouts, Nick bottington who was cut last year. He probably in my opinion had the best week. Devin Velez showed he had a great voice. Cortez Shaw also redeemed himself and gave a string performance. Other guys that i think are worth watching are jimmy smith, Johnny keyser, Elijah liu, and burnell Taylor.

The Girls

Now the girls who unlike the boys, showed us a few frontrunners, some stellar performances, and what i call our first idol moment. Every year one contestant stands out to me and eventually becomes my favorite..this year Angela Miller! She had a great performance of her.original song and it was an idol moment i love this girl. Candice Glover also shined bright in Hollywood week showing she has one of the biggest voices this year and country girl Jannelle Arthur who i believe has a good shot in this competition. Other stand outs were Melisa ademi,  rachele hale, and kree Harrison. Oh and someone please tell me why Zoannette Johnson is still here!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

American Idol 12: San Antonio and Long Beach Auditions

Vincent Powell
Great voice very soulful and bluesy. but a little too old fashioned for my liking.

Savannah Votion
She wants to be a good mom, well girl cover up! haha she really surprised me with her soulful voice it was actually very impressive. Though she sounded like she was losing her voice.

Cristabel Clack
Her voice is refreshing and soft, she didn't try to over do it (but how much can you really change up an Alicia keys song). I really liked it but I'm not completely sold just yet.

Ann Difani
To be honest i found her story and her husband to be more exciting than her actual audition. Voice wasn't strong enough and kinda bored me.

Victoria Acosta
I would have sent this girl packing! Her first song choice was a train rec. When she did her mariachi thing it was better but nothing id care for.

Papa Peaches
Is Nicki Minaj serious? this guy cant sing at all, i sing better than this guy! sounds like he cant even hear himself sing. And since when does Randy Jackson change his vote?

Sanni M'mairura
Black Justin Beiber? am i allowed to say that? haha. Honestly i loved his audition it sounded fresh and new. Also he has great charisma and very confident.

Adam Sanders
Why does he remind me of Adam Lambert, probably because he sounds like him, just not as good though. It was a bit loud but i think it was one of the best all day. Really wasn't expecting that.

Shubha Vedula
Randy Jackson making fun of her name was just, retarded. But anyways i think her voice sounded pretty good, kinda sounds like Christina Aguilera. Very nice runs.

Matt Farmer
Now this guy sounded pretty good not great though. But anyways i heard he dropped out of the competition because he lied about his whole story, so what a shame.

Jesaiah Baer
Finally something different! seems like every person sings exactly the Samar this season, either country or a big soul voice. But this girl sounds so unique and the scatting was great, loved her.

Micah Johnson
it really does suck that the dentist caused him to have a speech impediment, but this kid can sang. and I'm really glad he picked an interesting song choice and not your typical, A change is gonna come or something like that.

Rachel Hale
Super sweet girl, and i absolutely love her song choice of "people get ready" love that song and she did it justice. her control and her confidence when she sings. one of my favorites.

Briana Oakley
Let me get this straight, she got bullied for singing on TV who the hell does that?? either its made up or the kids in that school are complete jack asses. She has a decent nice voice lots of power. But to me she just didn't stand out, she could surprise me though who knows.

Matheus Fernandes
I'm not buying his whole "feel bad for me because I'm short" sob story. Besides that i think his song choice was a little boring but he did sing it relatively good.  it did sound like he was a bit desperate though which i don't like.

American Idol 12: Baton Rouge Auditions

Megan Miller
she actually surprised me since she was a pageant girl i.would have expected her to come out singing some cheesy ballad. But instead she killed it and actually sounded alot like Christina Aguilera. And the humor of her using the crutch as a microphone was pretty good ha.

Charlie Askew
The audition that alot of people were talking about. Charlie seems like a sweet kid, very lovable i mean theres no way i can hate this kid. but his first song choice sounded awful, pitch was all over the place. His Second song "nature boy" was PERFECT. everyone will love him but hes going to have horrible performances, Sanjaya, heejun, chicken little.

Maddie Assel
I love this girl because she likes Haley Reinhart so I'm sold! haha but really she has a very nice voice but i think she did a little too much with it, i couldn't even understand the words.

Paul Jolly
This guy sounds alot like Clay Aiken singing country music. ehh i just don't think hell stand out enough to make it really far.

Calvin Peters
This dudes a doctor, why do you need American idol?! haha and he picked a song that requires him to sing in falsetto for very long , and he just wasn't that great.

Dustin Watts
Everyone loves good Ol firemen right?  Hes very lovable but his country voice was pretty generic and not interesting at all.

Burnell Taylor
Didn't remind me at all of Joshua ledet, like some people say. But i really loved his audition, i like how in his interview he seemed to have not much personality but when he performs hes like a whole different person. Front runner?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

American Idol 12: Charlotte Auditions

Brian Rittenberry
I think every year theres a husky family guy who sings with a big soulful voice, and that's exactly what he is. But hes very forgettable and I'm sure he wont be sticking around for very long. Glad this isn't xfactor haha!

Jimmy Smith
Looks like someone that belongs in season 1 of American idol haha idk its just his look. but either than that he was one of the best of the night, he has a really nice voice and very controlled, with a touch of country. If he plays the guitar he can be a real contender

Isabelle Gonzalez
Okay raise your hand if you think she was surprised by randy Jackson? yeah me neither haha. Cute girl and i like the fact that she plays the piano, but i was a little underwhelmed by her audition. Her voice isn't bad but it doesn't sound mature enough. maybe shell surprise me who knows.

Taisha Bethera
I like the fact that she isn't your usual "black girl sings r&b" i like that she sing rock. Her voice is ok but again i felt underwhelmed, she didn't give her song the twist she said she would. Although i think she has potential.

Summer Cunningham
The girl that caused the so called big blow up between Nicki and Mariah. I like Nicki but i kinda agree with Mariah, this girl obviously has a decent country voice and it wouldn't be smart for her to try to "find herself" i mean this is American idol and if you haven't noticed, people do well when they already know who they are hence.Scotty, Phillip.

Brandy Hamilton
With all the good female contestants this season i think brandy to me just doesn't stand out, decent voice but i would've said no. that's all

Ashley Smith
At first i was ready to hate this girl she seemed like a joke no? and then she sang and it was freakin good! Might have been the best blonde country singer of the day haha!!

Janelle Arthur
If theres going to be only one blonde female country singer in the top 12 it should be this girl. i never heard the song she sang but i think she did a great job and her charisma was on point. Could be another Carrie Underwood?? or I'm i putting my expectations too high haha.

Rodney Barber
The voice of Charlotte? nice guy but number one he sang a very overdone song and number two i just didn't think he was that great.

Candice Glover
Now i knew ever since last season when she got cut, that she would be returning. but i didn't know she would come back this strong. I mean girl could sang! very interesting song choice and just the best vocal so far all season. She needs to have a realllly bad performance to not make it through to the top 10.

Ja'Bria Barber
Frog legs? gross! but her voice was so soulful and mature. and she kind of reminds me of Melinda Doolittle no?

Seretha Guinn
With all these black female singers this year i think she stands out for the song choice alone. i mean fresh prince!? pretty awesome. i wont even say anything about her second song,