american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Monday, October 8, 2012


I don't watch The Voice but i have seen those battle rounds, and it looks like the x factor is using those battle rounds as well haha, but good thing is that they didn't eliminate one of the two right on the spot. This was a pretty good episode with some pretty good singing, i wish they would have shown another hour of this.

Tara Simon VS Jennel Garcia
I felt bad for Jennel on this one, Tara couldn't have picked a worse song choice. Jennel sounded just ok because she was very uncomfortable, since she is always singing those upbeat songs and flipping her hair everywhere. Tara just did what she always does which is butcher a song. Jennel wins by default in my opinion.

Beatrice Miller VS Carly Rose Sonenclar
Pumped Up Kicks
For a couple of 13 year olds, this was a pretty damn good perfomace. Carly sang good technically but i think her voice is just to big for a song like this, shes more of a ballad singer. Beatrice held her own i really like the tone of her voice. i liked Beatrice just a bit better on this one.

Vino Alan VS David Correy
Whats Going On
I knew they'd pit the tattooed guys against each other ha. David did good but Vino really surprised me. I never really liked him but he out sang David on this one. he didn't think so though, he went on a rampage because he thought he messed up, chill out.

Diamond White VS Dinah Hane Hansen
I really did not like how they arranged this song at all. But whatever, they both have great voices. The problem with Dinah is perhaps she needs a little more confidence, and diamond needs a little less haha i just think that little pose at the end was corny. Honestly though this was a draw for me they both sounded fantastic.

Sister C VS Lauren Jauregei
These Arms Of Mine
I agree with Britney, sister c has great harmony but I'm actually getting tired of there squeaky voices. Lauren on the other hand sound great, really like her.

Brandon Hassan VS Reed Deming
Reed is pretty mediocre if you ask me, Brandon's voice is much better.

Julia Bullock VS Ally Brooke
Knocking On Heavens Door
Julia was one of my favorites from the auditions but i didn't like her here, and Ally just oversung the song but was still better than Julia.

Jeffrey Gutt VS Random Guy
If I Die Young
I really liked Jeffrey's audition but he didn't sound too good here, and the other guy, i have no idea.

Tate Stevens VS Willie Jones
Nobody Knows
Yeah Willie messed up but i really doubt Tate was setting him up, not his fault Willie cant remember the words. Tate sounded pretty generic, but good nevertheless.

Arin Ray VS Normani Hamilton
What makes you beautiful
I hate this song, and i didn't like either of their singing. They would make a cute couple though.

Jillian Jansen VS Latasha Robinson
I really wanted to see how Jillian was going to do, since the last time we saw her everyone was too distracted with crying. she actually sang really well, i cant say much for Latasha, she forgot her words.

CeCe Frey VS Paige Thomas
I just have to say i hate this "rivalry" if that's what you want to call it. They make CeCe seem like an Annoying Competitive B**** and Paige the innocent one. But when it comes to actual vocal talent CeCe is much better every time, Paiges voice just isn't good and she forgot some of the words. As for CeCe she did better but it wasn't that great.

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