american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Friday, April 27, 2012

American Idol: Ranking The Top 5

And then there were 5, and with no clear front runner, everyone has to bring there A game next week Which power house voice will end up on top, Is there room for an underdog in the finale, many questions we face. This is the youngest top 5 ever on idol, crazy. Here is how I rank the remaining contestants.

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Jessica Sanchez
Current Rank: 1
Previous Rank: 2

I believe Jessica has fully recovered from her "almost" elimination and she proved she deserves to be number one when she sang Dance With My Father. That was her best performance to date it was just amazingly beautiful. Her fans are loyal and pretty crazy too, you do not want to mess with Jessica fans! I still think she can win this whole thing even though many critics say she isn't deserving...ill keep my mouth shut for now.

Phillip Phillips
Current Rank: 2
Previous Rank: 1

Phillip didn't really have a strong week, and you can just see it in all his performances that he isn't here to win the show. I know he just wants to be all about the music but maybe he should challenge himself a little bit. He could have easily impressed us with a big Dave Mathews hit but instead he chose one that isn't well known but is considered a masterpiece to the hardcore DMB fans, which goes to show that phillip isn't trying to win the show but just wants to be heard. But incredibly he might win because many people love him.

Joshua Ledet
Current Rank: 3
Previous Rank: 4

I give credit to Joshua for having a crazy good voice and for having so much soul when he sings, but i wouldn't give him a standing ovation every time my eyes came in contact with him, which is what the judges are doing and i don't understand why. I'm sorry but Joshua just cant win this show, he's a boring contestant. But despite all of that he had a good week and ill say he goes home in the next few weeks.

Skylar Laine
Current Rank: 4
Previous Rank: 3

Its no surprise that am not much of a Skylar fan and this spot was reserved for Hollie, but Hollie was in the bottom 2 so..yeah. She was praised by the judges this week and her performances were good but nothing special to me. She has been fighting really hard i will admit but to make it to the top 3 alt least she is going to have to deliver some rockin performances.

Hollie Cavanagh
Current Rank: 5
Previous Rank: 5

Crap, I hate having to put Hollie in this position but the voters have spoken. I don't get it, shes had 2 good weeks and is making a comeback, i thought Hollie was reassuring herself as a real contender again. But she landed int he bottom 2 and i wont be surprised to see her eliminated next.

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