american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Friday, May 4, 2012

American Idol: Ranking The top 4

The Top 4 are some of the most talented kids of any season, and while they lack fun personalities, they make up for it with their crazy good performances. This top 4 is so close i wonder who is going to be crowned,  You got the judges favorite (Joshua) , you got your always popular WGWG (Phillip) then you have the underdog (Hollie) and then you have this years "chosen one" (Jessica). So top 4 has it all! what a great competition.

Joshua Ledet (The Judges Favorite)
Current Rank: 1
Previous Rank: 3

If there was ever a contestant that was 100% elimination safe this week, it would be Joshua. All the praise he gets from the judges and jimmy, you may say its ridiculous but he has NEVER had a terrible performance. he is definitely one of the strongest vocally of the season and i believe he can make top 2. I'm still not sure if he can win though especially if he is up against Jessica in the finale. I just hate how they treat him on the show i mean yeah he deserved one or 2 standing Os but not 13, and the best singer in the last 50 years? oh lord they just want to give him the crown already.

Jessica Sanchez (The Chosen One)
Current Rank: 2
Previous Rank: 1

Why is she not Number one? Because Joshua out did her this week IMO. Even though her rendition of "you are so beautiful" was just......beautiful! and the talk about her acting to old..umm you want her to sing Justin Bieber music? Jimmy should actually do the mentoring BEFORE the performances.. not the night after. But anyways i feel that after using the save the judges realized they couldn't praise her too much which i think is pretty smart. but either way Jessica is going to the finale, with who? idk.

Hollie Cavanagh (The Underdog)
Current Rank: 3
Previous Rank: 5

Ok..i know she was in the bottom 2 AGAIN but Hollie is doing so great that she deserves this spot. to be honest i was ready to put her over Jessica. If Hollie wins this whole thing shell have the best comeback story on idol. But will she? chances are very slim she is always in the bottom two so i cant expect her to beat out Jessica, Joshua or even Phillip.

Phillip Phillips (White Guy With Guitar)
Current Rank: 4
Previous Rank: 2

Phillip is losing it. i really thought he was a real front runner a couple of weeks ago but now it seems as if nobody likes him anymore, well except his fans. never been in the bottom not once and i get the feeling he has been wanting to get eliminated for a while. If he wants to win this thing hes really gotta give performances that we all expected from him, do thriller, do another Dave Mathews, hell do a rap song. For the last 4 seasons white guys with guitars have owned idol...lets see what happens this year.

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