american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Thursday, February 27, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 13 Perform

Last night was the top 13 performances and what a beautiful mess it was haha, we saw some contestants crash in flames and other contestants who rose to the occasion and gave very good performances, over all it was a good start to the finals. i already see some people who nay have a shot at singing with the confetti coming down but whats so great about this season is that there are a handful of great talented kids who have a good chance of winning. As for the judges, especially jLo, she was pretty much the voice of reason she is doing such a great job, harry on the other hand, i didnt agree with so of his critics.

Lets see how these idols did last night

American Idol 13: Ranking The Top 13

Just so you know i made these rankings prior to the top 13 performance show.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 10 Boys

I think they picked the right 10 guys (for the most part) to perform for a chance to be in the top 13, and this was a much better show than the girls night. it may be too early to declare this year a guys season but its looking that way so far.As for the judges i think they are great i think this may be the best panel we've had since the days of Simon cowell. Also we had the dawg randy Jackson as in house mentor, he didn't really do much mentoring though just told every contestant to connect with the crowd. They brought in Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry to coach the contestants and i wish they'd be there every single week because they were fantastic.

but now ill give my thoughts on the guys performances!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 10 Girls

Its that time again the competition has been cut down to 30 contestants but only 10 girls and 10 guys are singing this week. The top 10 girls had some decent performances and some train wrecks, overall the girls didn't do so well maybe its first time jitters or maybe the girls this year aren't as good as last year. So here are my thoughts on the top 10 girls!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 30 Revealed

Hollywood is finally over and the judges have picked their 30 contestants who will fight for this seasons crown, well most of them will have a fighting chance, because this week the judges are going to cut 5 girls and 5 guys before they even sing?? Whats the point of that? oh well, i think the top 30 is pretty strong i have a few favs and a few that i have i have no idea why they were put through. 

so here are my thoughts on this seasons top 30 contestants and an overall rating thus far. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

American Idol 13 Auditions: Standouts

ok so heres whats up, I'm not going to recap every single audition, there just too many people this year ha. But what i am going to do is go over the contestants that stood out to me.there are alot of talented guitar playing contestants this year and I'm really excited about that but i think we are lacking some big voices this season compared to the last couple of seasons. but hey every year is different and hopefully some great singers blossom in Hollywood week. So here are my favorite auditions this year.

Sam Woolf
This kid is going to win the hearts of so many Americans trust me. does he have what it takes to win? who knows but he does have what it takes to make it far. in his audition he sounded and played like he was very nervous but his vocals were spot on.

Savion Wright
One of my favorite constants so far, savion has a unique look and his sound is very marketable i really like his voice. His original song was pretty awesome too, i think he has his own thing going on i i think that will take him far in the competition.

Kenzie Hall
Another one of my Favorites so far, the moment i saw her i could just tell i was going to like her, you could say her rendition of doing to find another you was a little bit over baked but i love what she did to it. Shes cute, and she stands out from the other guitar players this season.

Majesty Rose
Probably the best audition of the season, Majesty's voice was so smooth to listen to and her subtle moments really dragged me in more, The only problem i had was her changing her name, its kinda gimmicky to not use your real name in this competition.but  i think she is a clear favorite right now.

Keri Lynn Roach
I heard alot of people singing radio active this season but hers was definitely my favorite. i love the cool rasp she brought to the song. her second song was a little bit over the top but it still sounded great. I'm looking forward to what she does next.

Alex Preston
Now some people aren't impressed with this kid but for me i think he had the best original song of the season, even had the judges asking, that's an original? he seems like hes ready for this competition and his voice was great. great job.

John Fox
With so many guitar playing white guys this season its easy to get lost in the mix but to me, John stood out simply because of the power he has in his voice, he doesn't let the guitar overshadow the singing and that's going to be his advantage.

David Oliver Willis
Ahhh this guy, so glad he came back after being unfairly eliminated last season. his audition was freaking great his guitar playing was impressive and he sings so good. I think his ability to take those songs and sing them his was effectively is going to be why he goes far this season.

Melanie Porras
Haley?? could her little sister no? haha i love this girl because yes she does reminds me of Haley reinhart and her voice is so bluesy its beautiful. her first song was a little to soft but very lovely.

Jessica Meuse
Love this girl! Her original song was cool but what did it for me is the fact that she sounds like stevie nicks who i really like. Idol last year was missing a girl with an edge so i think Jessica will be a good fit in this years bunch. very excited.

Briana Oakley
Now i didn't really like her last season and I'm not completely sold yet but i think she has come back with more confidence and she might be one of the contestants with the biggest voice this year so i want to see what she does.