american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Friday, May 11, 2012

American Idol: The Top 3

Phillip Phillips

Since his audition on the first episode this season, it was obvious that Phillip was going to make top 3 whether you love him or hate him. this week Phillip sang "volcano" which i believe was his best performance on the show and it showed a different more sensitive side. he can win the whole thing but for the sake of the shows reputation, i don't think he should. Real quick lets talk about the whole "white guy with guitar" thing, since idol started to allow instruments in season 7 a whole new style of singer joined the competition. idol is no longer the "who has the bigger voice" show that it once one. you have guys like Lee, Kris, Cook, and now Phillip who don't have the biggest voice but they are still talented musicians. i don't think its a cute guy thing i just think the viewers enjoy that type of music.

Jessica Sanchez

I call her the chosen one for a reason. she has been singing on television since about 10 years old and this has not happened in idol very often. but once every couple of seasons you have that one contestant that "deserves" to win the whole thing. Much like Adam Lambert who every one believed to be the best thing that's ever happened to idol, or Carrie Underwood the girl who was meant to win season 4. with that being said if Jessica wins i think it'll be great for the show, she is a fantastic singer and shes a girl haha. i know alot of people online call her a "bitch" or say she doesn't connect with the song but i think that's just ridiculous.

Joshua Ledet

All season I've been criticising his over the top performances and how predictable they are, but this kid amazed me this week. his take on James brown was easily one of the best performances of the year (Juliette simms who??) these type of church singers don't usually do well on idol like Jacob lusk who i compared Joshua too but Joshua is 10x better. and i know people are tuned off by all the praise he gets from the judges and jimmy and i hate it, so that can stop him from making it to the finale. either way him and Jessica would make a great top 2.

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