american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Thursday, April 19, 2012

American Idol Top 7 Redux

Tonight the top 7 take the stage again to sing songs that you sing when auditioning ha ha. No they sang two songs each, a #1 hit from 2000 to 2012 and a oldie Goldie soul song. It was a pretty good show there were some just "eh" performances and some standouts. Also Ryan Opened the show with a tribute to Dick Clark who passed away. Usually after the save two contestants are eliminated the week after but since Jermaine Jones was disqualified I'm guessing that only one person will leave tomorrow night, and its a pretty tight race between these 7 kid they are all great. so now lets rank these 14 performances.

Worst to Best


Colton Dixon - Bad Romance
ummmmm...OK so he wins the award for most exciting performance and most bizarre outfit of the night. At first i hated this performance but as i watched it over a couple of times it wasn't as bad as i thought, still, Colton should never cover a lady gaga song, he just doesn't have the voice for it. and that Phillip vs Colton thing..I'm going to say Phillip wins tonight. 6/10

Skylar Laine - Born This Way
I saw allot of people online that really hated this performance, and while it was a bit nasally i enjoyed it. still not a fan of her honky tonk voice but she made this song her own and she rocked out, but unfortunately for her she might be going home this week. 7/10

Elise Testone - No One
Elise even with a good performance, she isn't safe. and this week should be no exception. i enjoyed her raspy voice on this song and overall it was a good performance. but she looked a bit uncomfortable idk why perhaps she should have played the piano. and is it just me or did i have a flash back of Haley Reinhart performing "Rhiannon" HA HA. 7.5/10

Jessica Sanchez - Fallin'
Sure queen Jessica was dethroned last week but she came out with a vengeance tonight and like always FLAWLESS VOCALS. there wasn't much going on in this performance but who cares this girl sounded amazing. oh and her big puffy hair, wins points with me ha ha. 8/10

Joshua Ledet - I Believe
Josh takes on his idol fantasia, singing her winning anthem. and let me say finally the Joshua that i enjoy listening to is back. he has been over singing songs that shouldn't be over sung, but in this one he restrained himself but by the end he took it to church which i didn't mind because he sounded great. the judges were gonna give him a standing o regardless of what he did, i think its in there contract to give Joshua a standing o every time he sings. 8/10

Phillip Phillips - U got It Bad
I'm so glad he did another usher song (white boy singing a usher song?!). he didn't growl his way through the song he actually just sat there and gave a "sexy" performance ha ha. this was one of my favorites of the night because he successfully took the song and put it in a way we've never heard it before, Phillip got the first standing o of the night. 8.5/10

Hollie Cavanagh - Rolling In The Deep
Hollie sang a song from her fellow Brit and let me say, she did Adele proud tonight. Now i wont make comparisons to Hayley's rendition from last season, but this was a great song choice for her and you can just see the emotion on her face. this is a brand new Hollie and it was her best performance on the show so far.I also love the way she started off acapella. 9/10


Skylar Laine - Heard It Through The Grapevine
She put a country twist to one of my favorites, and i didn't like it. Skylar gets points for the way she works the stage and for making it her own, but this just isn't a song you can flip to country. Skylar may be in trouble  5/10

Elise Testone - Lets Get It On
The white couch was weird but Elise gave a sexy fun performance, I was turned on by this one ha ha. but it was a bit too relaxed for idol and she could be going home. besides that though her voice is still amazing and very very sexy. 6/10

Phillip Phillips - In The Midnight Hour
Phillip sang, well like he does every week but he didn't play his guitar and he actually walked around a little! ha ha. this is a Phillip performance where some people would say he sounded a mess and some people will say he did his thing, I'm in between it was just OK for me. 6.5/10

Colton Dixon - September
he sits on his piano with beautiful staging, and turns a soulful song and make it sound dark and emo. I know lots of people didn't like it and the judges werent to fond of it. but I for one thought it was better than his first performance. you guys may disagree but i thought it was a decent performance, not his best but i liked it. he does get some points for making it his own. 7.5/10

Hollie Cavanagh - Son Of A Preacher Man
was this performance soulful? not really, but she sang the heck out of this song with her big voice. and once again she looked comfortable on the stage. with these two performances Hollie should be safe. 7.5/10

Joshua Ledet - A Change Is Gonna Come
is it me or do Joshua and Jessica share the same soulful voice, Joshua really connected with this song and he sang great you can just feel every word he sings. he definitely surpassed some of the other contestants tonight. just sucks that all the teen girl votes go to Colton and Phillip. 8/10

Jessica Sanchez - Try A Little Tenderness
this was hot! I love the song and I love what she did with it, sorta reminded me of her Las Vegas performance With the little sexy growl she does. the judges said some crap about her not connecting or w.e.. oh shut up. Jessica best of round 2 8.5/10

Bottom 3
Elise, Skylar, Colton

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