american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Friday, October 12, 2012


We are finally at the judges "homes" who actually think those are their real houses? Anyways i really think that this season of the x factor has some pretty good talent, no the best of voices but still i am exited from what i saw. The contestants were divided into 4 categories, Young Adults, Teens, Over 25's, and The groups. I wasn't happy about some of the people that they cut like Dinah hansen, Lauren jauregie, but well get to those two later since they were added to a group.

The biggest surprise was how some of the front runners actually struggled and the people who i thought sucked, were actually good haha.

  Demi Lovato & The Young Adults

Jennel Garcia
I kissed A Girl
Jennel is one of my favorite girls in the entire competition, but i don't think she chose the right song. She sounded good of course but it wasn't anything like her audition, also it seemed like she took style over substance. I feel like she is going to keep coming off as trying to be too sexy and that will turn people off.

Willie Jones
Nobody Knows
He Chose this song again i guess to redeem himself, but i much rather have heard a different song, But anyways he sounded fantastic, and it didn't sound country at all so i kind of agree with what Nick Jonas was saying about sometimes its rnb and sometimes its country. Which ever genre Willie chooses i have a feeling that he will go very far in this competition.

Jillian Jensen
Ok first of all she earns points for choosing one of my favorite songs, haha also it was a good choice for her voice. I think it started off a little shaky but by the end she sounded pretty damn good. She just really needs to work on her facial expressions, she always seems like shes on the verge of crying haha. 

Nick Youngerman
Tik Tok
He is an obvious fodder, i mean was he serious? it was entertaining yeah, but not a performance that will get him through to the next round. 

Paige Thomas
Turn Up The Music
Ill admit this is the best shes ever sounded, but that isn't saying much. I wanted to really like this performance but with all the arm waving and the just OK singing, i found myself not impressed. Sorry Paige Fans. I don't see how she makes it through.

CeCe Frey
Im Sexy And I Know it
I was so mad when she chose this song i was expecting a complete disaster, and by the end of the song i was just scratching my head haha. She actually made the song very interesting, she was sexy, and am actually starting to like her voice. I really want to see more of her!

     Simon Cowell And The Groups

Rich Girl
So they coincidentally cut all these good looking young guys and put them in a group, hmmm i can tell Simon's trying to find the American version of One Direction. They actually did pretty good, the singing was good and the rapping was good too. Maybe a little too much jumping around. I don't know if theyll get through. 

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Yeah they messed up a little but they recovered from it, and i still really liked it. Theres just something really cool and exciting about them. Their vocals weren't the best and their made out to be jerks that don't like wearing shirts, but hey i think they are going far in this competition

Sister C
Three beautiful sisters, and we finally saw a whole performance, they sounded just fine, actually they sounded great. But i still don't care much for them. And i don't see too many people that do.

Lyric 145
Party In The USA
I'm so glad they added Lyric The Queen to this group, not only because i didn't want to see her go, but because she makes this group so much better. the rapping was great, the energy was on point, i really liked them. Just wonder how well they'll do on the theme weeks.

Dope Crisis
Super Bass
Dope who? How come I've never heard of them?, Probably because their Fodders. The one dudes singing was good but that's as much as i can say about them haha.

Where do i start. They cut some of the females with the best voices and put them all together in a group, genius or disaster? I don't know yet but they sounded amazing. The only thing is that i felt like i was watching 5 solo performances. Usually groups consist of people with OK voices but these girl are powerhouses. I wonder if it'll work out.

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