american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Friday, April 20, 2012

Whos Hot And Whos Not: Ranking The Top 6

Let me begin by saying, ranking the the top 6 was NOT easy.

Phillip Phillips
 Current Rank: 1
 Previous Rank: 3

Phillip Delivered One of his Best performances with his Usher "U Got It Bad" and now that both Colton And Jessica Have gotten the lowest votes in the last 2 weeks, Phillip takes back his Front runner status that he had during his audition. I'm Almost scared to rank him #1 though because the number one spots have been getting eliminated :/ . But he is the only contestant to not be in the bottom 3 yet, however it seems that all the front runners are having unexpected shockers hopefully it wont happen to Phillip.

Jessica Sanchez
Current Rank: 2
Previous Rank: 2

Jessica doesn't seem like the front runner she was in the top 13, but i think that's a good thing because I seen allot of people who were calling her overrated so I guess the save might have helped her. She deserves to go very far and I predict her to be in the top 2 but some still have a hard time connecting with Jessica, despite her having flawless vocals every week.

Skylar Laine
Current Rank: 3
Previous Rank:4

Skylar did a good job with her lady gaga country twist, but she completely failed with her second song. she comes in at number 3 because she hasn't been in the bottom 3 for 2 weeks straight meaning this underdog has got some fans. But on YouTube her 2 performances got more dislikes than likes so its got me wondering.

Joshua Ledet
Current Rank: 4
Previous Rank: 7

This one was hard, but Joshua takes fourth place only because he had a good week and he wasn't in the bottom 3. In some Weird way he is on the same boat as Elise, the judges LOVE him but if he has one bad performance the fans wont vote. The judges really seem to be pushing to have Joshua in the finale and i think that the over praising is gonna hurt him.

Hollie Cavanagh
Current Rank: 5
Previous Rank: 5

Hollie Had a great week and she definitely improved. But she was still this close to going home. she would have been ranked higher but the fact that she was in the bottom 3 makes me believe that her fans aren't in panic mode any more. But they should still be because Hollie could find herself in the bottom 3 every week until she goes home.

Elise Testone
Current Rank: 6
Previous Rank: 6

Elise didn't do so well this week, she is the oldest contestant and older people don't do well on the show anymore, and the big frown that she wears, all of these are factors in Elise being in the bottom three so much.  and I think next week is make it or break it. the theme is queen so its right in her alley, so if she nails it shes safe if not, it might be the end of her. I hope not thought I really like Elise and I hope she outlasts Skylar....sorry Skylar fans.


  1. You seriously want Phillip to win? Sorry, but one-note and frustrating are what I DON'T like in a contestant. Just sayin'.

  2. Not saying i want Phillip to win, but technically he stands the strongest chance right now