american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 8 Rankings

                                                      Candice Glover
Rank: 1
Candice has been giving amazing performances every week. For her to get eliminated she will either need to give a very bad performance or a shock elimination, which is very possible for Candice. But until then she stand at the top of the list.

Angie Miller
Rank: 2
Angie is still riding on her Hollywood/Vegas frontrunner status. She is obviously the female that the judges and the producers want to see int he finally so i doubt she will go anywhere anytime soon. She does have a beautiful voice and i lover what she brings to the stage, but I'm waiting fr her breakout performance.


Kree Harrison
Rank: 3
Kree is this close from taking second or first on the rankings, her performances are always stellar and she is by far one of the best contestants. The only problem is that's she has yet to have a big moment. Also she is in competition with Janelle for the country spot, and in competition with Angie and Candice for that number one spot. She has alot of work cut out for her.

Burnell Taylor
Rank: 4
Burnell is going to be the last guy standing but as of now, he has no chance of winning. The girls are just to overwhelming this season. Burnell hasn't done anything special to make him a frontrunner, but he does give stellar vocals every week and that's why he is ranked # 4

Janelle Arthur
Rank: 5
Janelle was a frontrunner, then she fell big time, now we are starting to see her rise again. Which can mean that she is the underdog now. plus she is a country girl from the south. to me Janelle can win this whole thing if she gets better every week because America will just fall in love with this country girl.

Amber Holcomb
Rank: 6
Amber has an amazing voice, her runs are phenomenal, but when we talk about the girls this season her name is never in the race for the number one spot. She is a true darkhorse and she can be a real contender if she gives us great performances, but if she is bad one week, shes gone.

Devin Velez
Rank: 7
Devin has such a nice voice but he has been picking very bad songs that end up in boring forgettable performances. At this point i don't know how he can turn things around, but he should just do what he can while he is still here because i don't think hell crack top 5 at this rate.

Lazaro Arbos
Rank: 8
No surprise here, Lazaro is a sweet kid with a decent voice but he just isn't ready for the show. i haven't seen a contestant sing so bad and go on week after week since sanjaya in season 6. Lazaro isn't going to win so please America, vote him out!

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