american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Idol: Final 2

Tonight the final 2 performed live in the nokia theater in front of 7,000 fans in the last performance show of the season, damn I'm sad. but also excited because Jessica and Phillip both killed it. this has to be such a tight race with pp being very popular and Jessica having  huge fan base. but in the end it will all come down to who gave better performances tonight and I'm going to give my thoughts on who won each round. Round 1 was Simon fullers choice, second round was the contestants favorite performance of the season, and the last round was the winners song. Also the reigning champ Scott mccreery sang "please remember me".


Jessica Sanchez - "I Have Nothing"
A Whitney ballad? i don't support this decision at all especially giving Jessica one of Whitney's toughest songs. Even Melanie amaro had some pitch issues when she sang this on the xfactor but i think Jessica did it better. it wasn't perfect but it was really good. Jessica just has so much soul in her voice that its impossible for her to sing bad. that one big note that every one seems to have trouble with she hit it 100x better than Shannon magrane haha! it was a great way to start off the show. 8.5/10

Phillip Phillips - "Stand By Me"
Really? i was expecting something more in Phillips "wheel house" i was not expecting this played out jam. i have to say he sang it a way I've never heard it, it was a sexy slowed down performance with the acoustic guitar i almost didn't recognize it. i enjoyed it but for top 2? NAH. I enjoy Phillips style though i hate doing this but he really is a "true artist" and that showcased with this performance.  8/10


Jessica Sanchez - "The Prayer"
Hallelujah! i was hoping she sang this song and she did not disappoint. the first time i heard Jessica sing this song i fell in love with her voice, and it was eve better the second time around. this is hands down my favorite performance of the season. yes it was another ballad but this one was more emotional i almost cried listening to it haha. I'm going too quote Steven Tyler on this one "beautiful". 9/10

Phillip Phillips - "Moving out"
After hearing Jessica perform and was wondering how pp would top that, and unfortunately he didn't. but to be fair it came close because i loved this performance as well. i seriously thought he would have gone with volcano but oh well. i liked this one the second time around also he just looked so happy and he rocked it out. Jennifer said Phillip won this round, over the prayer? is she serious? 8/10


Jessica Sanchez - "Change Nothing"
why in the world is this her coronation song? Jessica is a soul singer and this is a pop ballad, oh lord. also the lyrics aren't even inspiring as they should be. horrible winners song but these things are always bad so i cant complain. Jessica sang this as good as she can i mean she sang fantastic but this song is just not right for her, not her fault. the judges were pretty hard on her, but honestly its more of a winners song than Phillips. 7.5/10

Phillip Phillips - "Home"
Okay not all coronation songs suck, because i will be jamming to this all night long haha. I was always wondering what kind of song would Phillip sing if he won, and while it isn't a big song it was definitely his best of the night. for some reason this reminded of cold play? idk... but this performance even had a marching band how awesome was that haha. Phillip might have won the night with this one. 9/10

My Prediction

I like both Phillip and Jessica and its no secret that Phillip has been one of my favorites but my vote goes for Jessica, she had great performances all season and she is a GIRL. Phillip will only be bunched in with the WGWG nonsense. I just think Jessica will make a much better American idol. but can she stop the cute white guy dynasty? In the end i believe Phillip might take it all but i hope not its time for a change. 

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