american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Friday, May 25, 2012

American Idol 11: FINALE

I should have definitely live blogged this, but o well. Last nights finale was awesome and even though it had the lowest amount of viewers in the shows finale history, it was still a great show. After dealing with surgeries and battling out against some of the best singers ever on the show, the 21 yr old pawn shop worker Phillip Phillips became the new American idol champion. With his "too cool for school" attitude and always staying true to himself no matter what he managed to capture the hearts of America..a whopping 132 million votes came through, i can remember right before this season of american idol i was watching the commercials for the auditions and i caught a glimpse of phillip philips, i remember saying "is that going to be a kid to watch out for". so i wasn't mad at all just a little bitter that the first girl winner in 5 years wasn't announced but theres always next year. so ladies and gentlemen here's how it all went down!

The top 12 (minus Jermaine Jones) open up with Bruno mars "runaway baby". which Joshua ledet covered this year. it was pretty fun with all those dancers.

Phillip Phillip does his duet with John Fogerty. pretty neat though i don't care much for his music.

Fantasia and Mantasia sing a duet, #1 what is fantasia wearing haha i love her #2 damn is this church or the finale?!

The top 6 girls perform with chaka khan (who is also wearing a tight suit) hey Shannon magrane sounded pretty good haha.

Rhianna performs her new song, i liked it i always like Rhianna's performances.

Mother and daughter duet haha. Reba and Skylar have a duet

  • Jessica Sanchez singing i will always love you, again? it was kinda strange but she sounded lovely

Top 6 guys medley with Neil diamond, where is idol getting these guest performers, the retirement home?

  • The top 12 sing the freakin phone book, funniest thing all season haha!!!!

jlo performed..she looked good but ummm yeah, fantastic lip syncing?

awwwww ace young and Diana degarmo got engaged...stop trying to steal the spot light!

Hollie cavanagh and Jordin sparks duet, WOW. that is all

The boys sing a bee gees was a tribute but i was was bored


And finally aerosmith performs, awesome...but Jessica and Jennifer..i cant even...

  • Phillip and Jessica duet
  • dim the lights here we go!....And the winner of American idol season 11 is...
  • PHILLIP PHILLIPS aka Dave Mathews in disguise! and he gave an emotional performance , well he sang like half of it. 

Ok so i wanted Jessica to win but Phillip did deserve it as well he has been very humble all season. congrats to him. so that wraps up this season of American idol but im not finished, ill have my favorite performances of the year posted later. i know allot of people who say they are going to stop watching the show but im sure most of them wont, i will be watching next season but its just getting really annoying when the winner is always the same every year but to be fair i kinda knew Phillip would win from the very beginning since the "audition you don't wanna miss". and so with that, until next year buh bye!

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