american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


You may or may not have caught the Tuesday episode of the x factor since it has been all over the place lately due to the world series. I think fox did a horrible job with scheduling the show. But anyways the top 16 of this years x factor was finally chosen and except for maybe one or two, everyone that i expected to go through, did. I don't see any front runners just yet unlike last season where we pretty much knew who were going to be the real contenders. I still think this is a really talented and diverse group of talent and I'm pretty excited to see how they do on the live shows. I will rank each category based on how well they have one so far.

Here are the top 16 Ranked

Demi Lovatos team
  Young Adults

Paige Thomas

Paige Thomas looks like a superstar, but unfortunately her voice is very weak. She wont win but i believe she can have a really good career because lets face it, you don't really need a great voice to be on the radio nowadays.

CeCe Frey

Alot of people are starting to love CeCe, i love her too shes fun, she beautiful and her singing voice isn't all bad. I just don't think her performances so far have been that great. She will be a joy to watch on the live shows or she can be a train wreck, well just have to find out.

Willie Jones

Willie is one of the few that i think can win the show, why? Because nice southern guys usually get all the votes, not to add that he sings country. One question will always pop up though, is he really a country singer?

Jennel Garcia

She became one of my favorites with her audition, it was hot. All of her performances after that haven't been as good though. She needs to rethink her strategy and stop with all the sexy moves and clothes. If she does that she will do very well.

La Reids team
Over 25's

Jason Brock

Jason has a big voice and he is fearless, but will the audience really vote for him? Will he be marketable? I don't think so. 

Tate Stevens

Tate could have ranked higher honestly but his last performance was such a let down. Also he sounds so generic he needs to do something that will amaze everyone if he wants a front runner status. He already has a great personality and he will probably have a decent career in country music, he just needs to pick the right songs, oh and pull out that guitar lol.

Vino Alan

If you told me three weeks ago that Vino would be one of my favorites from this category i would have slapped you haha. But man his soulful voice is really something special, and i don't even think hes shown us all that he has. he wont win the competition though, he isn't very marketable.

David Correy

David to me is probably the most marketable in the whole competition. he has the look and his voice is amazing. The only problem is his that he needs people to really fall in love with him. If he doesn't, i can see him getting an early dismissal

Britney Spears team

Arin Ray

Arin really impressed me with his last performance but that doesn't mean i forgot about his other ones. Yes he can be marketable, but his voice is just too weak to win this competition.

Diamond White

Diamond for a while was a frontrunner, but now I'm not too sure about it. Her performances were technically good but im just not feeling it. Either her or Carly aren't going to make it very far and i don't think she stands a chance against Carly.

Beatrice Miller

Beatrice is my favorite hands down from this group, her voice is so fresh. Shes gritty and sassy, i love her. But i hope she doesn't fall into Carlys shadow.

Carly Rose Sonenclar

What can i say about Carly, probably the only frontrunner in the whole competiton so far. Her voice is incredible and i doubt shell crack under the pressure. I think she can make top 5 easily. 

Simon Cowells team

Sister C

Sister C has got pretty much no screen time, we don't even know their names. They sound great and their harmonies are amazing, but i see an early exit.


This is what you get when you add a bunch of powerhouse singers into a group. They sound great don't get me wrong but I'm just not sure if they will win over the audience.


This is my favorite group even though so many people dislike them already. yeah they have gotten the pretty boy, Jerk edit but i really don't care. They have a really cool sound and i I'm sure they'll make it far.


Simon is a genius for this one, This manufactured group is awesome, i live lyrics the queen she pretty much makes the group haha. They bring something new to the stage and I'm really hoping they don't let me down

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  1. I really like Diamond White, Jennel Garcia, Tate Stevens, and LYLAS (now known as 1432). They’ve all done really well so far. The acts that are still on the X Factor definitely deserve to be there but I can’t help but feel let down and disappointed that they chose to eliminate Jillian Jensen. Nonetheless, I do have my Hopper timer set to record the show each week so I can keep up with how everyone else is doing. They’ve all done really well so far. My DISH co-worker really likes CeCe Frey which I don’t understand. She has major marketability and she does have a good voice but she is generally unlikeable which, for me, puts her right up there with Sister C.