american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Thursday, May 17, 2012

American Idol: Top 3 Recap

The Top 3 performed 3 songs each, personal choice, judges choice, Jimmy's choice and this is the first time I've ever given so much bad critics in one night. there were like 2 or 3 good performances but overall some very bad song choices. and who got sabotaged this say Jessica did. we all know Phillip is a lock for top 2 so will it be Jessica or the man with 20 standing Os Joshua. also the top 3 went on there hometown visit, the only one who got teary eyed was Phillip, and a hometown visit without 

Judges Choice

Joshua Ledet - Id Rather Go Blind
I actually loved 75% of this performance he sounded really good and it was a good but old song choice and by the end all the scatting and the screaming was just too much. he really doesn't have to scream at the end of all his performances! also he got his weekly dose of standing ovation. I'm telling you idk if Nigel plans to turn people off with all the praise or if his plan is to hype Joshua up all the way to the finale. 7/10

Phillip Phillips - Beggin'
I love this song and at first i was like man Phillip is gonna kill it, and he did pretty decent with it but the whole performance wasn't planned out right or something, he was off beat or maybe thats how he wanted to sing it. but overall i enjoyed it, had me bopping my head a little bit haha. i would have enjoyed the whole thing just with the guitar like he did in the beginning. 8/10

Jessica Sanchez - My All
Her best performance of the night, this is a very difficult song to sing but Jessica killed. her falsetto is like eating a Klondike bar in heaven its freaking beautiful. also is it just me or has the evil genius Nigel Lythgoe somehow made Jessica seem like an underdog tonight....i see what your doing you brilliant evil bastard. 8/10

Contestants Choice

Joshua Ledet - Imagine
All i was thinking about was how much this performance paled in comparison to Archie's rendition (yes I'm going there). he didn't sell me on the emotion and overall this just isn't the type of song for Joshua to sing. he sounded good and i love this song but I'm not a big fan of this performance. very forgettable as well. If you didn't like Joshua before, this performance wouldn't change your mind. 6.5/10

Jessica Sanchez - I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing
This performance was pretty good but not the best shes ever done, the first time i was actually frustrated with Jessica since she is usually flawless and so emotional. but on this song she didn't connect and she cracked a little on that last note (even though i thought it sounded cute). i wish she would have chosen a beyonce song or something. i mean she sounded great throughout but it wasn't the Jessica that i know. 7/10

Phillip Phillips - Disease 
The judges gave pp a hard time for this one, wow finally, and i agree with them. it was something you sing in your bedroom not on top 3 night. it was a cool little pp performance complete with the sax,  but it was forgettable and just...ehh. didn't care for it, although it was probably the best of the round. 7.5/10

Jimmy's Choice

Jessica Sanchez - Ill Be There
Come on jimmy! ok she sounded good since its obvious that she sounds great even when she isn't giving her best performance, but come jimmy! this song can never give Jessica a "moment moment"..."moment"...randy you are an..i cant even...but seriously i agree with him this song was just ok for me. at this point of the competition you have to bring out the big guns and this felt like a top 10 week performance. I hope she isn't in trouble. 7.5/10

Joshua Ledet - No More Drama
Is Joshua possessed? haha no but it seemed like it on stage. i went to church twice during this performance and i feel like there was more "church magic" as jimmy calls it, then there was of actual singing. I'm not a huge fan of his "church magic" unless he pulls it off and in this song he did pretty well. his best of the night. But once again it didn't bring in any new fans. 8/10

Phillip Phillips - We've Got Tonight
Wow i did not expect this from pp, this was technically his best vocal and just a beautiful performance. since he didn't have his guitar he rubbed his leg a little too much haha. this performance sent him straight to the finale it was the best of the night for me good job jimmy even though im sure the plan for tonight was to put all the atention on phillip. 9/10 

Joshua or Jessica is going home.

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