american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Saturday, September 29, 2012


This audition episode was full of talent but the thing is, the talent wasn't all that. I don't know but i wasn't really impressed by most of these contestants even though the judges loved them. Maybe if they spent less time with the back stage drama they could fit in more GOOD auditions.

On to the auditions...

Dinah Hansen
This girl has to be atleast 20 years old! jeez shes only 16 and she looks like that? Not to mention that her voice is pretty damn good haha she sounds very much like Melanie Amaro, just not as good, but close enough. Shes definitely one to watch out for. 8.5/10

Arin Ray
Ok so he made it all the way to the live shows last season as part of the group "Intensity", And now hes back, he looks the part and his voice is decent but nothing special at all. I was somewhat bored with his original song. Despite all of that, he seems marketable in today's music. 6/10

Natalie Martin
We heard very little from her and she has a good voice, i want to hear more 6/10

Nick Perreli
I didn't expect this kid to sound like Frank Sinatra haha, it was nice but he isn't going to make it very far. 6/10

Beatrice Miller
13 years old, and i only got to hear like 5 seconds of her singing, x factor your killing me here. I liked what i heard nevertheless. 6.5/10

Finally we get some guys on here that can rap pretty good. Thing is, i hope they can sing or else they have no chance in hell. 6.5/10

Austin Corini
Cute kid, Sings to the ladies, Sounds familiar? Throw this kid in a boy band or let him compete against Justin Beiber and One Direction. 6.5/10

Nick Youngerman
It was entertaining i cant lie. But did you check out Britney's dancing haha  6/10

David Correy
Ok i had to watch this one twice because i wasn't so sure the first time, he actually has a good voice i just think hell be better if he didn't strain his voice so much going for those higher notes. 7.5/10

Sophie Simmons
Gene Simmons Daughter is what she will be referred to by everyone, sorry sweety. I actually liked her she has a interesting tone to her voice. 7/10

Tara Simon
I'm sorry but i cant stand this woman, She has this great voice but she decides to over do it by showing all her vocal tricks, it just got very annoying. Plus shes unlikeable, so good luck lady. 5/10

Daryl Black
His r&b version of the Gym Class heroes song was interesting, props for making it his own. His voice is really good and he is a very likeable guy. might do well. 8/10

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  1. I really liked David Correy and Daryl Black. They really tried to make each of those songs their own and I think it’s impressive that both of those guys had something that definitely interested me. This is just one of the many reasons why I record every episode on my Hopper and the timers make sure I don’t miss anything. Daryl’s version of Stereo Hearts really had me tapping my feet and singing along. It was fun and even though it’s still a fairly new song, it sounded really updated. My DISH co-workers liked Tara Simon but I have to agree with you: she is a mean-spirited person and a showoff. I get that you’re supposed to stand out from the competition but there is such a thing as overdoing it.