american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Thursday, February 27, 2014

American Idol 13: Ranking The Top 13

Just so you know i made these rankings prior to the top 13 performance show.

Kristen O Connor
Rank #13
Pretty Girl with a good voice, but her lack of emotional connection and the fact that she isn't very interesting AND shes a wild card, i don't expect her to stay very long.

Emily Piriz
Rank #12
Another pretty girl with a nice voice, not very interesting yet and her last performance was not the work of an American idol winner. she does have good moments when shes on her piano.

C.J Harris
Rank #11
Great story teller but he is a wildcard and his vocals are all over the place sometimes. just don't see him getting enough votes.

Malaya Watson
Rank #10
Not my favorite voice in this competition, yeah i said it, sue me, everything she does is way over the top. she does have a great personality though ill give her that and she does sing her heart out. just not a fan.

Jessica Meuse
Rank #9
I like Jessica i like her voice but her last performance was very boring. hopefully she bounces back but for now she doesn't seem like a favorite.

Caleb Johnson
Rank #8
He had a great performance last week but i still take into account the fact that 80% of America thought he wasn't going to make the top 30.

Ben Briley
Rank #7
Good country sound and America voted him into the top 30 and the top 10, he and Dexter will have to fight for those country votes and i think Ben can get those votes if he really trys.

Dexter Roberts
Rank #6
For now im going to say he is the better country contestant and you cant blame me, his sound is very authentic and if he gives 100% every week he can be a real threat.

Jena Irene
Rank #5
One my of my favorite females, shes a wild card because of her bad song choice but theres no doubt that her original song was the best performance of the entire rush week. if she gives us performances like that he can be a real contender.

M.K Nobilette
Rank #4
Right now she is on her high horse and America loves her, her last performance was beautiful and her voice is gorgeous. but if she gives one bad performance i think she can be in trouble.

Alex Preston
Rank #3
Hes quirky, he plays a multitude of instruments and hes sound is very unique, this guy could give Sam woolf and majesty a run for their money.

Majesty Rose
Rank #2
My favorite contestant, what we've seen of her thus far has been so so good, so genuine, her vocals have been on point every time and she is very relevant.

Sam Woolf
Rank #1
This kid looks destined for the American idol crown, amazing tone, good looks, and hes just likable. This season is for him to lose .

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