american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Thursday, April 5, 2012

American Idol Top 8: Songs From The 80's

The crazy 8 sing songs from the 80's we are getting closer to the end and the competition is getting hot but last night wasn't so...great. front runners stumbled and underdogs shined, it was a weird night. the mentors were good though they actually did more than just tell the contestants to "feel" the song. i have to say there were some disappointing performances tonight, well at least for me, and only like two that really stood out. oh and randy has a new catch phrase "gotta have it". Plus the duets were fantastic, Joshua and Jessica's duet has to be one of the best performances of the season.

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From Worst to Best

Hollie Cavanagh- Flashdance (What A Feeling)
poor Hollie is in HUGE trouble this week, i didn't think it was that bad she looked like she was having fun and she didn't sing a boring ballad but the judges hammered her. whats really bringing her down is that she needs to stop thinking so much and just sing.

 Elise Testone- I Want To Know What Love Is
so the hot streak ends. this performance wasn't bad but compared to her last 3, yeah it wasn't so good. im glad she didn't choose "hallelujah" but this wasn't a good song for her either. i think people are still stuck on her last weeks performance so she should be OK.

Phillip Phillips- Thats All
i kinda liked it but it was a lazy performance not his best. every week he stands in that same spot, with his guitar and sings every song exactly the same and also i think its time hes had a moment on the show, all the front runners have had a moment except Phillip. it was kinda ironic how the lyrics to his song were "its always the same its just a shame" HAHA 

Joshua Ledet-  If You Don't Know Me By Now
ummm...i loved the beginning i was so excited i thought he was going to kill it..and then he took it to church and over sang the song and threw in those unnecessary screams. usually it works for him but not this time, hey josh ya don't need to take it to church every week! i was disappointed. But there is no denying he is still the strongest male vocalist left. 

Skylar Laine- Wind Beneath My Wings
OK so this underdog is trying to show america shes in it to win it, but i just wasn't so impressed. she sounded OK and looked great but her voice isn't big enough for a song like this. she wont be going home so thats a good thing for her. am still not a fan.

Deandre Brackensick- I Like It
Very soulful a good song choice and a stellar performance, are you as surprised as i am? he had a variety of falsetto and natural voice which was pleasant and theres no denying that he rose above some of the other contestants. now that i complimented him, this kids elimination is just waiting to happen. i just dont see him making it past 6th place. 

Jessica Sanchez- How Will I Know
to me, second best of the night. Jessica is playing the idol game very well. this week she didn't sing a big ballad she took an up tempo song and sounded great. she is a great performer and it comes naturally. she isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Colton Dixon- Time After Time
best of the night, at first i wasn't sure about the song choice but he came out there and killed it putting his own little indie rock twist on it. like i said before he has the best chance of winning the show even if it is because he gets all the "teen" votes. but why change your hair color though? didnt he see what happened to Erika when she tried it haha.

Bottom Three:
Joshua, Elise, Hollie

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