american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Friday, April 13, 2012

Whos Hot And Whos Not: Going Into The Top 7...Again

My Opinion Based On judges comments, performances, and feedback from fans

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Colton Dixon
Current rank: 1 
Previous rank: 2

Now that Jessica took the hard hit, Colton is now in the lead and i knew it was a matter of time before this kid was in the # 1 spot. He hasn't been in the bottom three yet and seems to be improving every week.

Jessica Sanchez
Current rank: 2
Previous rank: 1

After having to be saved it is clear that she isn't the one to beat anymore. I haven't dropped her that low because I know she has a huge fan base and I believe she can still recover. But have her chances at winning been hurt? definitely. 

Phillip Phillips
Current rank: : 3
Previous rank: 3

Phillip stays in number 3 because just like on the show, he isn't making any progress, yet he has never been in the bottom three. He needs to start picking better songs or something or his days on idol are numbered. then again who knows this guy seems to have tons of fans and is still my favorite contestant. 

Skylar Laine

Current rank: 4
Previous rank: 5

Skylar isn't a front runner just yet but she is consistent, showing improvement, and can easily become a dark horse. Again, I don't think another country singer is going to win idol but she is fighting hard.

Hollie Cavanagh
Current rank: 5
Previous rank: 7

She seemed to be the weakest link and she got hammered by the judges. But she does have a beautiful voice and is so underrated. Also that little stunt the judges tried to pull actually helped Hollie gain more fans. 

Elise Testone
Current rank: 6
Previous rank: 6

Elise has had some really good performances and she is talented. But Elise has been in the bottom three more than anyone else. She has to work harder than anyone else to get these votes because even with a good performance she still isn't safe. 

Joshua Ledet
Current rank: 7
Previous rank: 4

I had a hard time ranking Elise and Joshua but it all came down to Joshua votes splitting with Jessica Sanchez. It seems like Joshua and Jessica share similar fans and with Jessica almost being eliminated, the voters are going to double up there votes for her, leaving Joshua in the dust. 


  1. Really?! P2 is STILL your fave? You must really have a high tolerance for mediocrity and boredom.

    If anything: P2 = Gokey. He's been trying my patience for weeks now;

  2. He isn't the best singer but everyone is entitled to have their favorites. thanks for your opinion tho

  3. I would swap Skylar and Phillip, but other than that, I agree. I wonder if the judges will regret saving Jessica is Joshua gets cut this week?