american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Thursday, April 12, 2012

American Idol Top 7 Results Shocker!


Tonight was the top 7 results and Jessica Sanchez, the judges favorite & the girl who I thought was clearly the one to beat, had the lowest amount of votes! Therese no way in hell the judges weren't going to use that save on her. Now i wonder if she stands a chance at winning anymore i mean if she couldn't survive the top 7 how is she going to beat them all. Very disappointing indeed. Oh yeah and Steven Tyler ruined the suspense, geez this guy is a horrible judge. Also Hollie Cavanagh was safe, she wasn't even in the bottom three, i guess viewers were so disgusted at how unfairly they treated her that they doubled up their votes for her. This season is becoming like a roller coaster, every contestant has a chance at wining right now. 

  • Phillip Phillips (surprised)
  • Hollie Cavanagh (yes!!)
  • Colton Dixon
  • Skylar Laine (Got Huffed)

Bottom 3:
  • Elise Testone
  • Jessica Sanchez 
  • Joshua Ledet

Jessica Sanchez SAVED!

Next week each contestant will sing 2 songs each

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