american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Thursday, April 26, 2012

American Idol Top 6: QUEEN

This week the top 6 took on Queen, which I was a bit worried about but wow these Contestants made me eat my words. Then they sang a personal choice and it was electric! there were some obscure song choices that had the judges very iffy. But overall it was a great night of music with some members of queen rocking out on stage. I wish Colton was still on the show but eh it is what it is. Oh i forgot to add...This is any body's game there are NO front runners.

From Worst To Best


Phillip Phillips - Fat Bottomed Girls
I couldn't stop laughing at this because he already has thousands of girl fans that literally want to ______ Phillip Phillips and he is up there singing about a woman's behind ha ha. This wasn't a great performance but it was enjoyable. without his guitar his body doesn't  know how to move properly though ha ha. his fellow contestants joked on him about that. 7/10

Joshua Ledet - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
I thought this was going to be cheesy but it turned out pretty good. the old style microphone was pretty neat too. and overall Joshua is a great performer and he seems to be switching things up now. but another standing ovation, are you kidding me? 7/10

Hollie Cavanagh - Save Me
Hollie couldn't have picked a better song for her voice and with that she was very stellar. even though she was dressed like the receptionist from hell, and she kept singing to the floor ha ha. but she got the pimp spot and did well for herself. but lord these judges acted so awkwardly. I feel as if they wanted to say something negative but felt bad. 7.5/10

Skylar Laine - The Show Must Go On
OK, so i thought it was a very stellar performance from Skylar and the judges loved it. but once again many people online HATED it. I must admit she was screaming on those higher notes but it wasn't that bad. hot performance but unfortunately she will be in the bottom 3. 7.5/10

Jessica Sanchez - Bohemian Rhapsody 
She did queens anthem, and killed it. well we all know she isn't a rocker but she did the best she can, i thought the beginning was lovely, but those giant heads in the background..kinda creepy. the judges wanted her to rock out more, ummm what the hell do they want her to do? bang her head on the floor! but anyways it wasn't her best but it was good. 8/10

Elise Testone - All I Want
I said before that queen is a great theme for Elise and i was right, she did great, not as good as i expected and not the song i would have chosen for her. but overall she did well in her "wheel house" whatever that means. This performance might save her from elimination, maybe. 9/10

ROUND2 Personal Choice

Skylar Laine - Tattoos On This Town
her second performance was not as good as the first one, her voice is still too country for my liking and i just found myself not caring about this performance. it was just OK and no doubt she is a good performer. i don't have much to say about this 6/10

Elise Testone - Bold As Love
I like Hendrix but why on earth did she choose this song? this song was just all over the place. Elise did sound good but this was the performance she needed to really blow us away with, and she really didn't. she is in trouble 7/10

Phillip Phillips - The Stone
Finally does a DMB song! he decides to face the comparisons head on. The song that he chose though was very unknown and JLO even called it obscure. the performance was quite haunting but i think in this situation, being compared to Dave so much, he should have gone with one of Dave's bigger hits like "where are you going" or "crash into me". I see him getting lots of criticism for doing a dmb song but so what? its the same as Jessica doing a bey once song or Joshua doing a fantasia song. which they both did. 8/10

Joshua Ledet - Ready For Love
I'm glad he chose this song because its soft and beautiful. every other week he comes out and screams and takes his songs to church, but this time it sounded more like rnb. it was pleasant to listen to i enjoyed it. but yet again another freaking standing ovation. 9/10

Jessica Sanchez - Dance With My Father
despite me not liking the song choice because its been done so much, i thought this was a GORGEOUS performance. she looked great sang flawless, very emotional performance. This might be her best performance yet and one of the best of the entire season. 9.5/10

Hollie Cavanagh - The Climb
this was hollies best performance and is definitely going in the season 11 highlights. not only did she sing the heck out of that song with so much emotion, but it was the perfect time for it. she has been the weakest link for weeks and the judges treat her like the ugly duckling, but she came out and sang the song that sent her to Hollywood last season, smart move. plus a standing ovation well deserved 9.5/10

Bottom 3: Skylar, Elise, Phillip

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