american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 9

The Beatles

09. Lazaro Arbos
In My Life
Shake my head, America why are you keeping this kid around? I understand that you feel bad for him but this performance was not only the worst of the night, one of the worst all season. Nothing about this performance was good, the vocal, the phrasing, the pitch, it was all bad. And he cried afterwards....hell be safe.

08. Devin Velez
The Long and Winding Road
Oh man what a long and winding performance! what was he thinking when he picked this song, this song should never be sung on idol its so damn boring. To be nice, yes he sounded great as always, but Devin needs a moment or he is history.

07. Paul Jolley
Eleanor Rigby
he started of very bad with the falsetto,but other than that i really liked it, Paul's best performance thus far. That big beautiful note he sang was the greatest thing I've seen him do all season, but it looked like the judges we rent so pleased. could spell trouble for Paul.

06. Amber Holcomb
Shes Leaving Home
The judges didn't like it,i loved it. This wasn't her best but i loved the way she sang and the choices she made. She didn't go crazy with the runs as she usually does and it was nice to hear her actually hold a note. What Nicki said about her not wanting to sing this song was just dumb, she picked the song so obviously she wanted to sing it.

05. Angie Miller
I agree that Angie completely did the opposite of what she was supposed to do, this song is meant to be sung soft and to have a subtle connection to it. Angie sounded great but she over sang the song a little bit. Shes my favorite contestant so i personally thought she did a good job and she did, but it would have been better without the dramatics.

04. Burnell Taylor
Let It Be
Burnell really should expand his knowledge on music because who doesn't know this song, seriously. But still he sang it beautifully, he does things to the melody that only he can do, it sets him apart. i still think he is the est of the guys but he is in need of a moment, something to make it a real contender against the girls.

03. Janelle Arthur
I Will
Finally Janelle is starting to show some sign of live. This was the first time that i saw glimpse of the old Janelle from Hollywood week. She gave a very nice performance with a very delicate vocal. it was quite refreshing. I still wasn't crazy over it but it was the best shes done in a while. i still think she can win, so if shes gonna beat Angie,Candice, kree, shes gonna have to put some effort.

02. Candice Glover
Come Together
What1? she better sang1 haha Candice is just on a whole other level i swear. she showed that not only can she sing the ballads but that she can rock out. this performance was freakin crazy good. And thank you Candice for going uptempo on Beatles week.

01. Kree Harrison
A Little Help From My Friends
What can i say about Kree, i love her! haha kree is such a pro and she is so good she doesn't need to over sing or dance on stage. She just opens her mouth and t sounds good. I thought this was the best of the night even with the fact that she went first.

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