american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 40 - Girls Group 1

Kamaria Ousley
Mr Know It All
Beautiful girl, and she did good in hollywood week. But wow this was the worst performance Ive heard all year. First of all why did she choose a song that doesn't fit her voice and style at all, second of all her everything was just way off. I felt pretty bad for her.

Brandy Hotard
I Dont Love You Anymore
I never really cared for brandy at all, but she does have a good big voice and she sang well but it was so damn boring and very miss America. she had no emotion at all, plus with all the country voices this year, i wasn't surprised when she got the boot.

Shubha Vedula
Born This way
Horrible song choice first of all, we have seen her sing the big diva songs and i guess she wanted to show a different side of her but this was just painful. It sounded ok at the piano but when she started moving and dancing around she just looked ridiculous and sounded a hot mess.

Jenny Beth Willis
Heaven, Heartache, And The Power Of Love
Who the heck is this girl? haha seriously no screen time and she was the first to go, we already knew she wouldn't make it through poor thing. She was dressed like a ballerina cowgirl and her performance was just forgettable, that's all i have to say about that.

Tenna Torres
what was with her hair, it was hideous! haha wow she looked so old. her performance wasnt bad but it was pretty boring, and her tone sounds like the damn chipmunks! i don't like her voice and she shouldn't have made it this far but eh her group was pretty weak so she made it through.

God Bless The Child
Very bad song choice, its been over done and its just such an old song. Her vocal was pretty good but she just didn't connect with the song. I would have traded her for tenna.

Adriana Latonio
Ain't No Way
Pretty girl with a decent voice, she did better than some of the other girls so not surprised at all that she made it through. But i wasn't going crazy over it like the judges were. I don't think she can make the top 10 unless she really blows us away. but i doubt it.

Angela Miller
Nobodys Perfect
Yay my favorite girl hhaha, but another dang Jesse J song?? well at least she sounded really good and her stage presence was on point. I'm just scared that she might be getting pimped a little too hard, oh and why didnt the judges even critic this performance they just kept blabbering about her hollywood performance.

Amber Holcomb
My Funny Valentine
Whoa where did she come from! She sang so dang good, she did a little too much runs but it was still very impressive, doesn't come close to Melinda Doolittles rendition but it was still very good. She can possibly be a darkhorse in this competition.

Kree Harrison
Up To The Mountain
I honestly didn't care much for kree but after this performance i fell in love with her, not only did she school the rest of the contestants but she did it without needing to dress up and put tons of make up on which i love about her. She sings with such conviction and it just pulls you in, she can be a possible frontrunner in this competition.

Top 20
Adriana Latonio
Angela Miller
Tenna Torres
Kree Harrison
Amber Holcomb

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