american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 10 Girls

This years group of girls is definitely stronger than the boys but they aren't as great as they make us believe they are. theres almost no diversity, No Haley Reinharts, Skylar Laines, Allison Irahettas. Just girls with big voices this year,. But i cant complain because some of these girls are very very talented. Even though I wish some girls like (Juliana Chahayed) were still here.

As for the judges, Nicki is still hilarious and i think shes a great judge, i just think she can get a bit annoying sometimes, Keith has great input but is too quick to get on his feet, Mariah Carey, poor mariah, she tries hard to be a good judge but just says a bunch of nonsense. An randy is randy and is considered the voice of reason at times.

From Worst to Best

Zoanette Johnson
Whats Love Got To Do
Oh lord why is she still here! She actually got serious for this performance and the craziness that everyone loved was all gone. She sounded just awful like always and he judges finally said something about it.

Tenna Torres
Another girl that i thought shouldn't have made it this far, but she did look better than she did last time. But still her tone is unbearable, i just cant listen to her she sounds like a chipmunk. yes she sang good but it did nothing for me.

Janelle Arthur
If i Can Dream
Boring song, Janelle really doesn't know how to pick her songs, last week was bad, this was a little better but still not good. Janelle was supposed to be a front runner, and she does give me the Scotty Mccreery, Tate Stevens vibe, no matter how boring she is America will vote for her. But she has to at least step up her game.

Adriana Latonio
Stand Up For Love
I think Adriana is very pretty and she sounded very nice, she has potential but i just don't think shes ready right now. This song was boring and it looked very pageanty for my liking. Maybe next year,

Aubrey Cleland
Big Girls Don't Cry
Aubrey is a beautiful girl, and can be on the radio today. But her voice just isn't big enough for this years competition. She sounded very nice but she didn't exactly take it anywhere so she could be in trouble.

Breanna Steer
Flaws and All
This was a pretty risky song choice because is was the opposite of what she did last week, but i really liked it. She sounded very good and restrained and she brougtht attitude to the performance. I think this is a song that should have been performed later on in the competition, not this early to Be taking risks.

Kree Harrison
I didn't know the song but i didn't even care because Kree kills it every time. She has this big voice and her vocals are just amazing, she has a country sound but not too country. She is definitely one of the stronger girls this season haha.

Amber Holcomb
I Believe In You And me
I was thinking not another Whitney song! But she slayed it! Her tone is so rich and yes she does alot of vocal acrobats that sometimes arent necessary but i think she has to because i don't think she can hit the big high notes.

Angie Miller
Never Gone
The female version of Colton Dixon!? Yes haha. I really do like this song so i was excited to hear she was going to be singing it, and i think she did a great job. it was reminiscent of her Hollywood performance but nevertheless i think she was captivating. this season is hers to lose and i for one hopes she keeps it up.

Candice Glover
Ordinary People
One of my favorite song, and i never heard a girl sing it before so i really liked it. Her voice is just so unreal, everything she does with her voice is just impeccable. And when she hits those big notes, its flawless. The only thing i didn't like is how she messed with the melody just a little but whatever haha.

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