american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 40 - Boys Group 2

Lazaro Arbos
Tonight I wanna Cry
I think my question here is, do these judges really think hes that great of a singer? Lazaro is a sweet kid but he only got this far because oh his back story. Tonight was the worst Ive heard from him, the song was boring, i couldn't understand a word he said, and he was off pitch throughout the whole song. But hes going to go through because, he just is.

Gurpreet Singh
Nothing Ever Hurt Like You
I agree with the judges, i think he would have at least had a a better performance if he brought out a guitar, but it still wouldn't mask the fact that he just isn't a very good singer. This performance was just very forgettable, and the way he begged afterwards, good riddance.

Mathenee Treco
A Little Less Conversation
Horrible song choice, the only time to sing an Elvis song, is on Elvis week, seriously. Mathenee does have very great vocal control but this performance was just silly. Hes a choreographer? Didn't seem like it at all.

Cortez Shaw
Where is Beatrice Miller? haha, i really don't think anyone will ever sign it the way she did, so i wasn't thrilled abut this performance, i think he was off key and hes high notes were just overkill. Don't get me wrong he does have potential just.a nice voice wrong song

Josh Holiday
Original Song
I actually kinda liked this performance in the beginning when he was on the piano, you know he saw Angela perform her original haha! The song was nice but i don't think it went anywhere, if your gonna sing an original song it better leave a lasting impression, and unfortunately for josh, it didn't.

Nick Boddington
Say Something Now
Nick was a standout in Hollywood with his performance of Grace Potters "Stars". but this week Nick was a big let down, he picked a song that almost no one really knows and it was actually pretty boring. He did sound nice though he has a very pretty voice. He needs to step it up/

Burnell Taylor
This Time
Perfect song choice for him, Ive always thought he sounded a bit like john legend so I'm glad about that. Burnell is obviously one of the favorites in the boys group and i can see why, hes marketable and he can really  sing. My only problem was that i was waiting for the big note but he never had one, maybe he cant hit them?

Bryant Tadeo
New York State Of Mind
Hate his song choice to be honest, such an old loungey song. I didn't even know what to expect from Bryant since this is the first time we've seen him, and i was pleasantly surprised he has a beautiful tone to his voice. I think he did a great job with this song and deserved to get through to the next round

David Oliver Willis
Again, Never heard from this guy either so i didn't know what to expect, but i was really glad to see a "Black Guy With Guitar" for once haha. His song choice was very odd but he worker it out and it was one of the better performances of the night, it was something new and entertaining, should have gone through.

Vincent Powell
Cause I Love You
WOW where did he come from haha, this was pretty damn good, move over Curtis finch! He sang with so much soul and his falsetto was one thing i really liked also. I prefer this guy over Curtis any day!

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