american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Thursday, March 14, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 10 Boys

This group of boys this year is filled with pretty much the same type of singer. They really want a girl to win so am guessing they made sure to not put through any WGWG, and also alot of the guys this season seem a Little, too nice haha. But really i cant see any of these guys winning this year but who knows.

Charlie Askew
What the hell was this? and what the hell was he wearing? Charlie should not have made it this far because he just cant sing, he started off pretty nice but when he starts screaming its like hearing a child yell at the supermarket. I'm sorry i just didn't get it.

Vincent Powell
End of The Road
What a disappointment, i had high hopes for Vincent but he came out with a very cheesy song choice. he sounded good but it was just underwhelming.

Curtis Finch Jr.
I Believe i Can Fly
Oh man,cheesiest overdone song you can ever pick. For that reason alone he should get eliminated, seriously. The judges loved  it, i hated it. His vocals weren't off, and he just did way too much with it like always.

Cortez Shaw
Locked Out Of Heaven
Cortez gave a very karaoke performance with this one, not only was the song choice not for him, he didn't sound all that good either. if you want to seem current, don't sing this overplayed Bruno mars song! Cortez has a nice voice but it seems like he doesn't know what to do with it.

Lazaro Arbos
Feeling Good
This was no doubt the Best that we have seen from Lazaro, but that isn't saying much. This is a tired old song that shouldn't be performed on these shows anymore but his rendition wasn't bad at all and he stayed on pitch for most of the song. i still don't get Lazaro though, what kind of artist does he want to be?

Paul Jolley
Just a Fool
Paul says he want to be the male version of Taylor swift, hm OK Paul haha. On paper this is a great song choice for Paul and he did sing it well i think his tone really fits the song well but i just cant get past the way he looks when hes performing, they call it theatrics, i call it trying to hard.

Nick Boddington
Nick wins the song choice award because i love this song haha. And i think he did well with it, sure the arrangement with the piano was a little too slow but overall it was the Nick that i liked. His vocals weren't perfect and his voice cracked a little, but it was still a good performance.

Elijah Liu
Big improvement over last weeks train wreck, he picked the perfect song and he sounded very current. the problem is that he went first and yes the song didn't really go anywhere but compared to some of the other guys, Elijah really deserves to stay.

Devin Velez
Its Impossible (Somos Novios)
man Devin has such a big beautiful voice and his tone is so clear. Even though he went into his Spanish thing again i didn't mind it at all, not because i understood him haha, but because he sang great. I think Devin is one of the stronger of the guys but he needs to show more than just the ballads.

Burnell Taylor
Im Here
He sang his audition song and i cant blame him, he did something that he knew he could nail and that would get him into the top 10. With that being said i think burnell really had a little moment with this performance, the best Ive heard him. He sings with real emotion and he has these little things he does with his voice that makes a performance his, I think hes well on his way.

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