american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 10

Songs of The Idols

10.Curtis Finch Jr
I Believe 
Pretty expected song choice from Curtis, and his vocal? it was pretty dang predictable. He didn't hit all the notes he was going for and he usually goes for the same high notes every performance. To me watching this was like watching a cartoon i mean Curtis just does some ridiculous things , not in a good way. 

09.Lazaro Arbos
Most people hated it, it was bad obviously because lets face it, Lazaro isn't such a great singer. But i actually thought it was better than most of the stuff he has done throughout the competition so far. poor Lazaro will keep getting the sympathy votes and hell just stick around and outlast a favorite just watch.

08. Janelle Arthur
This is why i hate this theme, the contestants are taking songs that other idols had moments with already. Janelle maybe this was a good song on paper but she really had to deliver. unfortunately she didn't. it lacked the energy that scotty brought to the song when he performed it. she just didn't sound good at all i hated it.

07. Paul Jolley
Again he picks songs that are perfect for him but somehow he just never wows me. He actually sounded alright in this one but i found myself wishing it was over. I don't know i just cant get excited about Paul's performances.

06. Burnell Taylor
Flying Without Wings
Don't get me wrong, burnell is the best guy in the competition, his voice is unique . But this was a horrendous song choice. My least favorite coronation song, theres no way burnell could make this song any more like able. Another thing that bothers me is that i feel like burnell is giving the same type of performance week after week, he needs to do something uptempo or atleast move around!

05. Devin Velez
Temporary Home
yes i know this one was a bit boring but i actually liked the song for Devin, he has a little country in him. His vocal was perfect as always and i just really want Devin to do well. He probably wont make it far if he keeps giving these types of performances though, America doesn't like forgettable performances.

04.  Amber Holcomb
A Moment Like This
First of all, you never ever touch this song, ever! This i Kelly's winning anthem, the song that started it all. Amber got the pimp spot and yes she sounded fantastic and gave her own rendition of the song. It was a nice moment, but come on jimmy, next time you tell her no when she picks a song like this!

03. Kree Harrison
If Carrie Underwood couldn't have a moment with this song, Kree probably cant either, but man did she sound freakin good. i totally agree with nicki and the whole waffle & syrup nonsense haha this performance was mesmerizing. She pretty much made love to the lyrics of this song and that's what i love about kree she takes any song and makes love too it haha.

02. Angie Miller
I Surrender
Not gunna lie, for a girl who has presented herself as the female Colton Dixon, i was surprised she sang this really big song, i was wondering if she could pull it off, and she did!. Angies voice is so big and powerful she nailed this song. she does seem a little theatrical but whatever haha

01. Candice Glover
I Who Have Nothing
Candice freakin Glover! Jordin Sparks had her moment, Haley Reinhart had her moment, now Candice had her moment with this song and she destroyed it, it was by far the best of the night and one of the best performances all season. She is just so good at whats she does, right now she is the top contender no doubt. 

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