american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Thursday, February 27, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 13 Perform

Last night was the top 13 performances and what a beautiful mess it was haha, we saw some contestants crash in flames and other contestants who rose to the occasion and gave very good performances, over all it was a good start to the finals. i already see some people who nay have a shot at singing with the confetti coming down but whats so great about this season is that there are a handful of great talented kids who have a good chance of winning. As for the judges, especially jLo, she was pretty much the voice of reason she is doing such a great job, harry on the other hand, i didnt agree with so of his critics.

Lets see how these idols did last night

 Kristen O Connor
Beautiful Disaster
Even though malayas performance was terrible, i think this takes the cake or should i say the cheese, for worst of the night. Taking on a Kelly clarkson hit, not nailing it vocally, plain boring, pageant girl performance. I really wanted to like Kristen but theres no way she survives this one.

Malaya Watson
Runaway Baby
With all the over singing she does i thought this would be a good fit for her to just let loose and have fun but my god this was a complete trainwreck. Her voice pretty much stayed at the same level throughout the entire performance, she didnt go high when she needed to and she lacked the intensity that Joshua ledet had when he performed this ditty. Her charismatic personality might save her but shes definitely int he bottom 3.

Dexter Roberts
Aw Naw
I had high hopes for Dexter, thinking he was the better country singer, and while his country voice is really genuine and fun to listen to, there was nothing fun about this performance. He looked like he had zero enthusiasm and when i cant understand 90% of what your saying, i just cant.

C.J Harris
Ok lets start with the good things about this performance, i like the fact that he went uptempo for the first time and it sounded more current than anything hes done so far. What was bad about it? it was just down right forgettable. I dont know, he is on borrowed time and i think he needs to really do something drastic or atleast something that we will remember so he wont just get forgotten when its time to vote.

Ben Briley
Folsom Prison Blues
I will commend Ben for choosing this song, it fits well with his voice and his style and he tried to be creative and give it his own twist. Unfortunately the fast tempo he put on the song was kinda crazy. it was like the performance was in in fast forward ha. if he would have slowed it down a bit i think it would have been a stellar performance. either way im digging him way more Dexter as for right now.

M.K Nobilette
This was an interesting performance, definitely different to what she did last time. I actually enjoyed this performance. Ok yea she did seem a at time like a deer in the headlights but thats just her not fully comfortable up on the stage yet. As for her voice, it was smooth and she added some swag to the song.

Sam Woolf
And the front runner has his first misstep of the season, this by no means a bad performance, he actually sounded in tune throughout and the way he looks while he performs is great. But this song choice just didnt o much and i dont think he won over nay new fans with this one. It was actually a bit boring i think he played it safe this week but hey when your Sam woolf i think you can play it safe once, right?

Jena Irene
The Scientist 
First of all, why didnt she play the piano!? if t was her first song ever learning than she should have nailed it. The piano i think would have made this performance much more mesmerizing. I think she started of a little rough but halfway through she was nailing it vocally. She hits those high notes so well she kinda reminds me of Hayley Williams from paramore. Still im hoping she brings the brings out her piano more often.

Majesty Rose 
I for one didnt even know this song or the artist, so i for one wasnt jumping up and down about the song choice, but she delivered this so well, theres just something about the way she performs that drags you in and how can you not love what she does. I think she sounded really nice and current, there were times that i think the mic was a bit low or something because i couldnt hear her sometimes. Team Majesty!

Emily Piriz
Glitter In The Air
This for me was the most surprising of the night, i didnt really expect much from Emily but wow did she deliver, it was a take you to Church performance or anything but i loved the simplicity she sang with. Her pitch was on point and her voice just caressed my ears haha. question is, can she keep it up?

Jessica Meuse
The Crow & The Butterfly
This is exactly what ive been waiting to see from jessica, a rock edge, and she did it so well. her voice was gritty and big she reminds me of Allison Iraheta a little bit. the only thing she lacked was stage presence. it would have been nice to see her move around or do something! Other than that i loved this performance.

Caleb Johnson
Pressure and Time
Ok, Caleb is really making me eat my words right now because before i said he wasn't going to be this years James Durbin or Adam Lambert but he has proved me wrong. This performance was last for a reason and he really did steal the show. The voice was big, the screams were awesome and the pyro was pretty cool. Not sure if im going to call him a frontrunner just yet though.

Alex Preston 
Beautiful Mess
Soo many things were just great about this performance, first let me say he had the best song choice if the night, it really fit his voice and it showed who he was as an artist. Second the staging was simple with the one red light, and all that complete with the fact that Alex & Sierra were in the audience rooting for him, that alone makes me want to vote for this kid. Oh and harry, please shut up and dont ruin this guys moment.

Who Should Go Home: Kristen O Connor

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