american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Thursday, February 20, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 10 Girls

Its that time again the competition has been cut down to 30 contestants but only 10 girls and 10 guys are singing this week. The top 10 girls had some decent performances and some train wrecks, overall the girls didn't do so well maybe its first time jitters or maybe the girls this year aren't as good as last year. So here are my thoughts on the top 10 girls!

10. Marrialle Sellars
What did i tell you guys, this was a disaster waiting to happen, marrielle has been getting so much praise and i don't see why, the judges probably realized it after this performance. This was just hard to watch the singing was terrible, her shoe came off. Hopefully she doesn't get put through to the top 10 that would be a nightmare.

9. Bria Anai
Wrong Side Of A Love Song
Bria was either going to kill it or over sing it, and not to my surprise she over sang the heck out of this song. i just don't see her getting many votes and if she does, shell be gone real fast.

8. Kristen O Connor
Turning Tables
look I like Kristen's voice and i like her look. i just think she needed to put more emotion into her performance and pick a better song. i don't think an Adele song did her any justice this performance was just ok for me.

7. Briana Oakley
Big disappointment from Briana, just when i was starting to like her she completely choked. I don't know what went wrong but she looked terrified and her vocals were shaky. ill be surprised if she makes it now.

6. Malaya Watson
Hard Times
Many people like malayas personality and they loved this performance but honestly i hated it. from the words of Simon cowell this was "overindulgent" just way too much was going on and she doesn't have a great enough voice to actually pull off what she is going for. she will probably get voted in but she wont last long.

5. Jessica Meuse
Drink A Beer
Jessica sounded lovely on this song and i disagree with the judges, i think her smiling did fit the song because its about drinking a beer! But with that said this performance was pretty boring i expected more of an edge from her, hopefully shell get voted through.

4. Jena Irene
Paint it Black
Im very much against people picking songs that someone else had a moment with (Sioban Magnus) but i think Jena sang it OK not great and i don't think she won over any new fans with this performance.She did sound good and the last note was killer, just think this wasn't her best.

3. Emily Piriz
Paris (Ooh la la)
Im sorry this song was so overdone in the auditions that i hated the song choice it did nothing for me. But with many of these girls giving lackluster performances she actually brought some fire unlike some of the other girls. She sounded good and sassy even if it did look kinda like a good girl trying to be bad haha.

2. M.K Nobilette
All Of Me
Loved the song choice and loved what M.K did. i know i said she was boring before but on this song her voice was just so subtle sweet and her tone was very nice. People loved it so i wont be surprised to see her make it.

1. Majesty Rose
We saw a new side of Majesty with this upbeat song i think it was a very smart choice and it did come off corny at all. she sounded great and it was just hard not to wanna get on your feet and clap along with her haha. Shes deff my favorite i live me some majesty!

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