american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 10 Boys

I think they picked the right 10 guys (for the most part) to perform for a chance to be in the top 13, and this was a much better show than the girls night. it may be too early to declare this year a guys season but its looking that way so far.As for the judges i think they are great i think this may be the best panel we've had since the days of Simon cowell. Also we had the dawg randy Jackson as in house mentor, he didn't really do much mentoring though just told every contestant to connect with the crowd. They brought in Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry to coach the contestants and i wish they'd be there every single week because they were fantastic.

but now ill give my thoughts on the guys performances!

10. Emmanuel Zidor
Best Of My Love
What did they see in his dress rehearsals that's made them say, hey lets showcase this guys talent to America! i don't get it i already knew it would be a train wreck and it was, trying to awkwardly interact with fans and shaky vocals and a roll of the tongue. this spot should have gone to Casey Thrasher atleast.

9. George Lovett
George needed to knock it out of the park and sadly he failed as soon as he picked this song. its been over done so much that nothing he did to it would have made it special. He has a great voice but this sounded very over baked and forced. I blame randy Jackson for not making him change his song.

8. Spencer Lloyd
Love Don't Die
I never saw any thing great about Spencer and he proved why, this was such a forgettable performance maybe he should have brought his guitar to the stage because then maybe it would have added something extra that this performance lacked. I guess his good looks could only take him so far.

7. C.J Harris
On paper this is a perfect song for c.j but this honestly was not a great vocal performance.  Ive noticed this about cj and so have the judges,i don't know whether he sings like that on purpose or what. But theres no denying that the way he sings and the tone of his voice just makes you believe every single word he sings. I wonder how well he is going to do when the theme weeks come around, is going to sing a sad song every week?

6. Malcom Allen
Coming From Where I'm From
Love the song choice and love Malcolm's voice, but i agree with JLo. The performance just lacked a little more effort, he really didn't bring it like he usually does and this performance became a kinda forgettable. That's sad because he does have alot of potential.

5. Dexter Roberts 
This Old Boy
This performance was honky tonk and Dexter did it with ease, its like he doesn't even have to try haha. its a good thing but its also a bad thing because if keeps playing it safe every week then he might b in trouble but ill give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

4. Ben  Briley
Imagine if they didn't let Ben perform after that face of to get into the top 30 ha. But without a doubt Ben has thing something about him that makes his performances believable and you just wanna root for him.not sure if hell actually win or anything but this was  solid performance with a cool little electric guitar solo.

3. Caleb Johnson 
Stay With Me
I wasn't expecting much from Caleb but boy did he deliver, it was nice to have a rocker in the mix and he actually didn't sound like a screaming mess. He sounded great throughout the song and he hit those high notes very well. Performances like this from Caleb could see him making it far in the competition.

2. Alex Preston
Even though Phillip Phillips rendition was much better, Alex still killed it. He staying true to himself and he brought a cool vibe to the song and he sounded great with his unique tone. Alex is definitely one to watch out for especially if he kills like this every week.

1. Sam Woolf
Ok i know Sam is a clear forntrunner but not only for his teenage cute boy looks, he absolutely nailed this song and it was was subtle and he doesn't even try to be good, t just comes to him naturally and that's why its a pleasure to watch him perform. he does look a little nervous but his tone was pitch perfect and what can say i watched this performance over and over.

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