american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 11 Perform

Last week the top 11 took on songs from the cinema which basically means sing any song you like that found its way to a movie, and sing a song Kris Allen might have sung haha. Honestly this was the best week they've had so far this season. We saw a big shake up with front runners falling and some mid pack contestants rising up. i still think randy Jackson is a terrible mentor and i think the Judges this season are great, still being really honest and they surprisingly aren't giving away many standing ovations. The voting is even more great, they aren't voting based on good looks this year they are actually voting based on who did good and who didn't, that's very fair.

Lets see how these kids did

11. Majesty Rose
Let it Go
Why? Just why? I blame anybody who is back there mentoring these kids. They could not have honestly seen this in rehearsal and been like "hey this was great". majesty Picked a very well known song and sang it like she was a in a damn Disney movie. and don't get me started with her vocals. I'm scared for majesty because its like she is drifting away from this artistic girl we fell in love with earlier in the season. she needs to do something and fast.

10. Ben Briley
Bennie and the Jets
I applaud him for doing something out of the ordinary, but this was just wrong. it lacked everything that the Haley reinhart performance had. The falsetto he was trying to hit sounded like a dying cat ad he was dressed like the lucky charms guy.

09. Dexter Roberts
Sweet Home Alabama
Wow, is this his way of changing up a song? by adding "roll tide roll"? If it is then we are going to be in for a long ride with Dexter because he keeps picking these safe songs and doing nothing special with them. I thought he had a good strategy and maybe he does but i really hope he doesn't win at this point, just too boring.

08. Sam Woolf
Come Together
Oh man, this was Sam taking a risk, hilarious. Sam had this look on his face like he was about to start crying and run off stage. and he gave this song absolutely no grit, not fun, nothing. I will say that his pitch was damn near perfect but i don't know he needs to just stop being scared.

07. M.K Nobilette
To Make You Feel My Love
This was a really good M.K performance and I'm happy to see her back to where she belongs. Simple subtle vocals that melt your heart. this definitely has saved her another week but she needs to keep giving performances like this to atleast make top 6.

06. Jessica Meuse
Sound Of Silence 
This WOULD have been my favorite Jessica performance so far but1 the damn band totally ruined it. That pissed me off. The whole performance was kinda dark and haunting and it was really nice and the band kicked in and it sounded really weird. Jessica still kept the show going to props to her.

05. Malaya Watson
I Am Changing
Ok let me start by saying Malaya is definitely giving her best in this competition and this is two good weeks in a row, still not to say it was amazing, because it wasn't. I still think she is picking these songs that are too big for her voice. She sounds good at times but I'm still not a fan.

04. C.J Harris
Cant See You
Hey C.J welcome to the competition bud! Finally c.j gave a really good performance, he picked the right song for his style and voice and he did it justice. the rasp and grit of his voice wasn't pitch perfect but when c.j sings with this much emotion it doesn't really matter. maybe he can jump back into the game we will find out this week.

.03. Alex Preston
Falling Slowly
I know Kris Allen sang this song and sang it better, but i love what Alex did to it. He made it his own and he sounded fantastic. Big come back from his last performance, this was in his wheel house and i am now looking forward to what he does this week.

02. Caleb Johnson
Caleb was becoming the most consistent player in the game and last week he did something completely different and slayed it! he rally made the gap between him and his contenders wider with sky fall. His vocals were amazing and he officially now is the front runner in this competition.

01. Jena Irene
Yes! I was saying that Jena needs to be at the piano singing songs like this and this was freaking great! Sh sang her face off and it was actually not all over the place she controlled her vocals really well, i hope she stays on the piano this week. For a wildcard she is really giving other contestants a run for there money and if she keeps giving performances like this than she is well on her way.

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