american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 9 Perform

Yea yea I'm late but i just been pretty busy but anyways last week the top 9 performed "with the band" these themes this year are pretty much sing whatever you want, and i for one am not mad, but i would like some themes a Little more narrow. The contestants, well it seems like its anyones game right now which is very rare on idol, usually we have a clue on who's atleast going to crack the top 3. And the judges, can i say Jlo is having one of the best seasons any judge has ever had on american idol?!?!

Lets go on to these performances and see how i ranked them.

09. Dexter Roberts
Oh lord, Dexter just doesn't excite me. He seems to play it pretty safe, he is predictable, he is boring. he really needed to do something out of the ordinary last week and with this song he just sounded like he does every week. how he is still here is beyond me. This guy is no Scotty Mccreery

08. C.J Harris
If It Hadn't Been For Love
Ok C.J is officially one of the worst singers Ive seen on American idol, seriously, this guy sings off pitch so consistently its like he has never heard himself sing. Just like Dexter, i am amazed that he is still around. The only thing good that came from this performance was the fact that the song was actually a pretty cool song. C.J just didn't sing it right.

07. Sam Woolf
Hey There Delilah
Ok, lets talk about Sam for a little bit, weeks ago i would have considered him to be the winner, and now he has stumbled to the middle of the pack, and i really cant see him winning this thing. He has a great voice, beautiful tone, but no creativity, he is no Kris Allen, Phillip Phillips, he cant connect to his songs, he sang Delilah really nice but he just does nothing for me with that dead face expression and no connection to the lyrics.

06. Jessica Meuse
On paper this is the perfect song for Jessica, and this performance wasn't bad, she sounded good, and i feel like she is getting more comfortable on stage but this was just an ok performance. i think she is still holding back and she needs to just own her performances otherwise shell end up going home in the next few weeks.

05.Majesty Rose
Shake It Off
This was a big step up from what she has been doing lately, but her vocals were not so great honestly. Majesty was my favorite contestant but i think this show is just to big for her and she kinda got lost in it. I don't think this performance was going to get her out of the bottom three and it sent her home. it want her time to go, but i can understand why America sent her home.

04. Malaya Watson
The Long And Winding Road
Malaya gets the award for most improved contestant, really, i hated her at first, but week after week she gets better and better. She controlled her vocals so much better and she sounded lovely in most parts. I hated the song choice, and she still had some rough parts in the performance but she should stick around for a while

03. Alex Preston
Don't Speak
the judges weren't crazy about this one but i think Alex did a great job. His arrangement strayed far from the original, in a good way, and his Jason mraz like style made this song his own. I think Alex is the guy i see winning the whole thing and i hope he delivers more killer performances.

02. Jena Irene
Bring Me To Life
This was a predictable song choice for Jena but boy did she kill it. Her voice was big and she sounded like a real rockstar, i think Jena isn't a dark horse anymore i think she shot herself up the top with this performance. I would like to see her take some risks though.

01. Caleb Johnson
Dazed & Confused
Its Official, Caleb is the best performer in this whole competition. He blows everyone away with his big voice over the edge performances. This was an obscure song choice, and yea all he did was pretty much show us things that we knew he can do but the way he interacted with the band mad this performance pretty much awesome.

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