american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 11 Rankings

After last weeks lackluster performance show, nobody really stood out to me, so many people flopped last week and honestly I'm hoping that someone steps in and really mentors these kids before its too late. theres still hope for a really good season.

so lets see how i ranked these remaining contestants, Also since i didn't recap the top 12 performances i might as well talk about them now.

C.J Harris
Rank #11
Previous Rank #11
Man it seems like the cj we all fell in love with during the Hollywood rounds in now gone! he hasn't done anything memorable since the live performances started.His last performance of the john Mayer song was just so overdone this season and he did a straight up karaoke version of it.

M.K Nobilette
Rank #10
Previous Rank #08
M.K has managed to land in the bottom 3 again, and with good reason, her performance was so damn lazy. it like she didn't even try. the song choice was bad and she really looked like she didn't want to be there,like if she was forced to sing that song. ill be surprised if she survives another week.

Jena Irene
Rank #09
Previous Rank #06
Jena is still one of my favorite voices, but she is doing all the wrong things. Come on randy be a damn mentor! she is picking songs that aren't show casing her strong parts at all.why isn't she sitting at the piano singing a paramore song or something? that's whats going to give her the votes.

Malaya Watson
Rank #08
Previous Rank #12
Ok Malaya definitely bought herself another week, im not saying i was in love with her performance, because i wasn't, but in a night of bad performances, hers actually stood out. she played it smart and sat at the piano and sang her heart out. still not pitch perfect but atleast she tried.

Jessica Meuse
Rank #07
Previous Rank #05
Jessica to me sounded nasally last week, and her face expression was killing me. She sang like she was bored with the song. But she got harsh criticism and i think that's going to make her fan base vote twice as hard now. Plus i think she can amaze us with something this week.

Ben Briley
Rank #06
Previous rank #07
Ben to me is staying mid pack for now, he isn't standing out but his performance was actually not that bad. I think he can be a dark horse in this competition but he needs to step it up a little more.

Sam Woolf
Rank #05
Previous Rank #04
Sam Sam Sam. i don't know whats going on but he is boring me and letting me down. i still think he can win the whole thing but its like he isn't trying anything out of his comfort zone. he isn't taking ricks and its actually costing him.

Alex Preston
Rank #04
Previous Rank #01
Alex was on his high horse last week and i was so excited to see what he was going to do..and he disappointed big time. Terrible song choice, weird arrangement. i had no clue what was going on. he says hes different and unique, well prove it!

Dexter Roberts
Rank #03
Previous Rank #10
Dexter was my biggest surprise this week because he probably had one of the best performances last week. not to say it wasnt a home run but it was vulnerable and just very nice. If he plays his card right he can go far but im not sure yet.

Majesty Rose
Rank #02
Previous Rank #02
And again majesty keeps her number 2 spot, why? because not only does she have a chance of winning but the first half of her performance was gorgeous. She had me drawn in but then she hit that damn note and held it forever, who the hell told her to do that!? she missed her chance at having a moment but I'm sure it wont be her last chance.

Caleb Johnson
Rank #01
Previous Rank #03
Caleb gets the number one spit for a simple reason. He is consistent. Every week his performances are top 3 of the night. yes, true he is starting to sound like he is singing the same song every week and thats whats hurting him. he needs to Be like James durbin, taking risks every week. if he does that hell go top 3 no problem.

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