american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 12 Ranking

Ive seen some rankings and honestly i feel like some people don't even watch the show, I'm not one to judge other peoples opinions but with my rankings i like to realistic, i rank these contestants based on popularity, performances, and chance of actually wining the show

Anyways here are my rankings for the top 12

Malaya Watson
Rank: #12
Previous Rank: #10
Malaya had a train wreck performance and she landed in the bottom 2. Not a big surprise, i think she does have alot of fans but where were they? Her fans might be in panic mode right now so she has a good chance to not go home this, if she screws up shes done.

C.J Harris
Rank: #11
Previous Rank: #11
C.J didn't flop this week but he didn't do anything to make him move up i the rankings. his performance was forgettable but he didn't land in the bottom three neither. As a wildcard he is on borrowed time.

Dexter Roberts
Rank: #10
Previous Rank: #6
This was a tough one because Dexter has a great country voice and the country fans will vote for him. But i think he might be a little too country and his performance was pretty damn bad. First of all he needs to open up his mouth so we can actually hear what hes singing and secondly he needs to stop giving these lazy performances.

Emily Piriz
Rank: #9
Previous Rank: # 12
For me Emily was the biggest surprise last week because even though her performance lacked some edge to it, she delivered it with a flawless vocal. I dont know if she can go all the way but for now i think she can make herself known in this competition if she keeps improving.

M.K Nobilette
Rank: #8
Previous Rank: #4
M.K to me had an ok week, her performance was cool but she still looked really uncomfortable, and she managed to land in the bottom 3. That to me just tells me that she wont go further than maybe 4th place. Unless she does something incredible, but right now she lost some points.

Ben Briley
Rank: #7
Previous Rank: #7
As far as country male singers go im going to go with Ben this week because even though his rendition of Folsom prison blues was way too fast, he showed that he has creativity and artistry that i look froward to in his next performance. that makes him more exciting than c.j and Dexter.

Jena Irene
Rank: #6
Previous Rank: #5
Jena probably shouldn't have fallen in the rankings because she was able to get herself together and deliver that performance very well. but the fact is that she could have made it so much better with a lowed down piano version, just saying. also some other contestants just did better last week. I still think she can be a threat in the competition.

Jessica Meuse
Rank: #5
Previous Rank: #9
This top 5 was very hard to judge, Jessica definitely jumped up in my list with her killer vocals last week. this is the Jessica that i want to see every week. But she is still awkward on stage she needs to let loose a little more.

Sam Woolf
Rank: #4
Previous Rank: 1
I might take some crap for putting frontrunner Sam woolf at number 4, but honestly alot of people rose above him last week, his performance was weak nd boring. Im sure hell bounce back but for now he needs to up his game if he want to win.

Caleb Johnson
Rank: #3
Previous Rank: #8
Just like Jessica, Caleb moved up on my list big time, his last two performances have been great, and its crazy because i didnt even expect much from him. He still has this very rock of ages feel to him but at the same time he is becoming a front runner very quickly in the competition, unless he completely disappoints this week.

Majesty Rose
Rank: #2
Previous Rank: #2
Majesty keeps her number 2 spot this week, her outgoing performances have been very stellar, and shes just very likable. the only thing keeping her from that number 1 spot is the fact the Alex totally nailed it last week, and majesty has yet to give a knockout performance which she is capable of.

Alex Preston
Rank: #1
Previous Rank #3
No doubt Alex is the one to beat right now. With his lovely rendition of beautiful mess, it was hard to deny that this kid is in it to win it. he is showcasing great guitar skills, great vocals, uniqueness, and an artistry that we didn't see on American idol last season. I can see him going all the way.

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