american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Sunday, February 3, 2013

American Idol 12: Charlotte Auditions

Brian Rittenberry
I think every year theres a husky family guy who sings with a big soulful voice, and that's exactly what he is. But hes very forgettable and I'm sure he wont be sticking around for very long. Glad this isn't xfactor haha!

Jimmy Smith
Looks like someone that belongs in season 1 of American idol haha idk its just his look. but either than that he was one of the best of the night, he has a really nice voice and very controlled, with a touch of country. If he plays the guitar he can be a real contender

Isabelle Gonzalez
Okay raise your hand if you think she was surprised by randy Jackson? yeah me neither haha. Cute girl and i like the fact that she plays the piano, but i was a little underwhelmed by her audition. Her voice isn't bad but it doesn't sound mature enough. maybe shell surprise me who knows.

Taisha Bethera
I like the fact that she isn't your usual "black girl sings r&b" i like that she sing rock. Her voice is ok but again i felt underwhelmed, she didn't give her song the twist she said she would. Although i think she has potential.

Summer Cunningham
The girl that caused the so called big blow up between Nicki and Mariah. I like Nicki but i kinda agree with Mariah, this girl obviously has a decent country voice and it wouldn't be smart for her to try to "find herself" i mean this is American idol and if you haven't noticed, people do well when they already know who they are hence.Scotty, Phillip.

Brandy Hamilton
With all the good female contestants this season i think brandy to me just doesn't stand out, decent voice but i would've said no. that's all

Ashley Smith
At first i was ready to hate this girl she seemed like a joke no? and then she sang and it was freakin good! Might have been the best blonde country singer of the day haha!!

Janelle Arthur
If theres going to be only one blonde female country singer in the top 12 it should be this girl. i never heard the song she sang but i think she did a great job and her charisma was on point. Could be another Carrie Underwood?? or I'm i putting my expectations too high haha.

Rodney Barber
The voice of Charlotte? nice guy but number one he sang a very overdone song and number two i just didn't think he was that great.

Candice Glover
Now i knew ever since last season when she got cut, that she would be returning. but i didn't know she would come back this strong. I mean girl could sang! very interesting song choice and just the best vocal so far all season. She needs to have a realllly bad performance to not make it through to the top 10.

Ja'Bria Barber
Frog legs? gross! but her voice was so soulful and mature. and she kind of reminds me of Melinda Doolittle no?

Seretha Guinn
With all these black female singers this year i think she stands out for the song choice alone. i mean fresh prince!? pretty awesome. i wont even say anything about her second song,

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