american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

American Idol 12: Chicago Auditions

Welcome to the second episode of auditions, this time with Haley Reinhart! ha. The talent of this episode was certainly a bit better than last time and I'm very happy to see alot more girl contestants than guys. as for the judges i think they work well with each other, Nicki is hilarious and just so outgoing but i think she gets jealous of all the praise mariah Carey gets haha.

Shall we?

Mackenzie Wasner
She has a good country voice but the thing is, she sounds like every other country singer out there, very cute girl though.

Kiara Lanier
She has nothing on Jessica Sanchez, but her rendition of "the prayer" was very good. i loved her tone and her  control was impeccable. she could use a little more time but i like her.

Stephanie Shimel
I love her tone very soft,  i wanted to hear more!

Gabe Brown
Holy crap this guy can...yell haha! some might find it very unpleasant but i think he can do well in this show, we need a good rocker guy and he seems pretty legit.

Isabelle Parell
One of my personal favorites, i loved her tone it remind me of Zoey Deschanels singing. Perfect song choice but I'm scared she might be out sung in this competition.

Griffin peterson
His vocals were mediocre but that doesn't mean anything, hot guy, looks shy, not that great of an audition, Kris Allen anyone??

Curtis Finch Jr
I Knew i remembered him from somewhere,last season, i think he has a very good soulful voice, every year we need one. Jacob Lusk, Joshua Ledet, and now this guy.

Mariah Pulice
Sad story about bulimia, and i think her voice is ok but i wasn't blown away.

Brandy Neeley
I really liked her audition i like her voice and i think shes adorable. but she might get lost within all the Blondie country singers this season.

Josh Holiday
This dude has a crazy good voice but something about him doesn't seem...authentic. idk

Clifton Duffin
I think his voice was just ok, he definitely has some soul but perhaps he needs more training. potential Fodder?

Johnny Keyser
Ok here's my problem with johnny, his last years audition was much better. I wonder if hes going to be a who cares contestant or is he going to make a colton dixon comeback.

Kez Ban
Surprisingly my favorite audition from Chicago. shes corky and speaks her mind, and her original song was sooo good. i really do hope she makes it far, obviously she wont win but she is interesting.

Lazaro Arbos
let me just say that he has a good voice but it wasn't that great. with that being said i think its amazing that he can sing the way he can even though he has a stuttering problem. Very inspirational.

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