american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Friday, February 8, 2013

American Idol 12: Baton Rouge Auditions

Megan Miller
she actually surprised me since she was a pageant girl i.would have expected her to come out singing some cheesy ballad. But instead she killed it and actually sounded alot like Christina Aguilera. And the humor of her using the crutch as a microphone was pretty good ha.

Charlie Askew
The audition that alot of people were talking about. Charlie seems like a sweet kid, very lovable i mean theres no way i can hate this kid. but his first song choice sounded awful, pitch was all over the place. His Second song "nature boy" was PERFECT. everyone will love him but hes going to have horrible performances, Sanjaya, heejun, chicken little.

Maddie Assel
I love this girl because she likes Haley Reinhart so I'm sold! haha but really she has a very nice voice but i think she did a little too much with it, i couldn't even understand the words.

Paul Jolly
This guy sounds alot like Clay Aiken singing country music. ehh i just don't think hell stand out enough to make it really far.

Calvin Peters
This dudes a doctor, why do you need American idol?! haha and he picked a song that requires him to sing in falsetto for very long , and he just wasn't that great.

Dustin Watts
Everyone loves good Ol firemen right?  Hes very lovable but his country voice was pretty generic and not interesting at all.

Burnell Taylor
Didn't remind me at all of Joshua ledet, like some people say. But i really loved his audition, i like how in his interview he seemed to have not much personality but when he performs hes like a whole different person. Front runner?

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