american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Friday, February 8, 2013

American Idol 12: San Antonio and Long Beach Auditions

Vincent Powell
Great voice very soulful and bluesy. but a little too old fashioned for my liking.

Savannah Votion
She wants to be a good mom, well girl cover up! haha she really surprised me with her soulful voice it was actually very impressive. Though she sounded like she was losing her voice.

Cristabel Clack
Her voice is refreshing and soft, she didn't try to over do it (but how much can you really change up an Alicia keys song). I really liked it but I'm not completely sold just yet.

Ann Difani
To be honest i found her story and her husband to be more exciting than her actual audition. Voice wasn't strong enough and kinda bored me.

Victoria Acosta
I would have sent this girl packing! Her first song choice was a train rec. When she did her mariachi thing it was better but nothing id care for.

Papa Peaches
Is Nicki Minaj serious? this guy cant sing at all, i sing better than this guy! sounds like he cant even hear himself sing. And since when does Randy Jackson change his vote?

Sanni M'mairura
Black Justin Beiber? am i allowed to say that? haha. Honestly i loved his audition it sounded fresh and new. Also he has great charisma and very confident.

Adam Sanders
Why does he remind me of Adam Lambert, probably because he sounds like him, just not as good though. It was a bit loud but i think it was one of the best all day. Really wasn't expecting that.

Shubha Vedula
Randy Jackson making fun of her name was just, retarded. But anyways i think her voice sounded pretty good, kinda sounds like Christina Aguilera. Very nice runs.

Matt Farmer
Now this guy sounded pretty good not great though. But anyways i heard he dropped out of the competition because he lied about his whole story, so what a shame.

Jesaiah Baer
Finally something different! seems like every person sings exactly the Samar this season, either country or a big soul voice. But this girl sounds so unique and the scatting was great, loved her.

Micah Johnson
it really does suck that the dentist caused him to have a speech impediment, but this kid can sang. and I'm really glad he picked an interesting song choice and not your typical, A change is gonna come or something like that.

Rachel Hale
Super sweet girl, and i absolutely love her song choice of "people get ready" love that song and she did it justice. her control and her confidence when she sings. one of my favorites.

Briana Oakley
Let me get this straight, she got bullied for singing on TV who the hell does that?? either its made up or the kids in that school are complete jack asses. She has a decent nice voice lots of power. But to me she just didn't stand out, she could surprise me though who knows.

Matheus Fernandes
I'm not buying his whole "feel bad for me because I'm short" sob story. Besides that i think his song choice was a little boring but he did sing it relatively good.  it did sound like he was a bit desperate though which i don't like.

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