american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Thursday, November 1, 2012


The top 16 performed last night on the x factor stage and let me just say how exhausted i am haha. The x factor is such an over the top show with all the lights and the staging is just crazy, Something you will never see on American idol. but of course this is the X factor and x factor isn't about just vocals. I was really exited about this top 16 and they were a bit underwhelming, well it was the first time they perform on the live show so I'm sure they were all nervous. But the only reason why it was just a bit underwhelming was the very bad song choices and i think some of the outfits and staging was a little too much.

The new hosts Mario Lopez and Kloe Kardashian ere actually pretty good i don't mind them at all. Also who would have guessed that the Groups would be the strongest category haha.

Lets get on with these performances!

Over 25's

L.A Reid

Vino Alan
"Gotta Be"
I was really excited to see what Vino was going to sing, and then this happened. Horrible song choice for Vino, i mean is LA trying to sabotage him? I see Vino more as a soul singer than a rockstar and i hope LA sees that. Well that's if Vino isn't sent packing tonight.. It started off pretty rough but he sort of held it together eventually. Definitely not his best. 

Jason Brock
"Dance Again"
Yes i was sort of entertained, kind of like watching a drag queen performance seriously haha. We all know Jason has a huge voice but this all seemed too flashy. His outfit, The staging, The dancers, This is not they way i see Jason brock. He might be in big trouble after this one.

Tate Stevens
You might call this boring but honestly i was glad to see a performance like this one, with a night full of over the top nonsense. He sounded good as always even though i still think his sound is very generic. Only problem i have is that this simple performances might only get you so far in a show like the x factor. 

David Correy
"My Love Is Your love"
I really hated the song choice, but other than that, he gave one of the vocally best performances of the night. He sounds pretty much like Bruno mars, no surprise there, and his range is just amazing. He hits those runs really well and i really felt his passion, Simon called it desperation? I call you giving it your all.


Britney Spears

Arin Ray
"Keep Me Holding On"
To be honest, i was actually entertained with this performance haha! It was like watching a little usher on stage and I'm sure that's what Britney is trying to do. But aside from that i wish i could judge his vocals, but unfortunately they were drowned out by smoke machines, loud music, and dancing. this would have been a much better performance without all those theatrics. but hey this is x factor.

Beatrice Miller
"I Wont Give Up"
Beatrice was my favorite so this was sorta hard for me to watch. what the hell was Britney thinking! First of all she looked like a rag doll. Second of all that big image of her in the background was awkward as heck. and thirdly why pick a damn Jason mraz song. Beatrice voice is gritty and edgy. She did the best she can do with it and since her tone is really nice it wasn't as bad as it could have been. She might go home

Diamond White
"Hey Soul Sister"
Ok its obvious now that Britney sucks at picking songs for these kids. this played out old thing was not the right song for diamond. But! i agree with Britney trying to show that diamond isn't just a power house singer. to my surprise diamond actually did pretty decent with the song. it was funky and had "swag" i really liked it. But whats up with the 90's outfit!?

Carly Rose Sonenclar
"Good Feeling"
Carly came in as a front runner and after this performance she still is no doubt but this was clearly not her best. she sounded great and she showed that she can go upbeat. but once again the staging and the outfit ruined most of the performance. i mean school girl? come on! She wont be going anywhere anytime soon. 

Young Adults

Demi Lovato

Paige Thomas
"Don't Hurt Me"
First let me say that Demi is trying too hard to change her contestants, no that Ive said that i want to say that i knew this would happen to Paige. Singing sucks, so they turn her into some mainstreem pop crap, like Rhianna, only Rhianna can actually sing. yeah i cant lie it was pretty interesting and they stage was neat but i hope this isn't what the x factor is looking for. 

Willie Jones
"Here For The Party"
Demi once again messed up, willie should be the nice country kid that everyone likes but this performance made him seem cheesy. The backup dancers were slutty and the vocals were just ok. I agree with Simon he definitely needs better songs that showcase his talent more.

CeCe Frey
"Because The Night"
It seems like she tried too hard to change her look and now people hate her even more, sucks that she cant get be likable no matter what she does. Her singing was just ok and i think she handled the stage well. Once again though there was a little too much going on for my liking. She could be going home tonight

Jennel Garcia
"Home Sweet Home"
The best one of this group so far, jennel did an awesome job with this song. She finally went back to that girl we all fell in love with in her first audition. Her vocals were great and her stage presence was on point. One of my favorites of the night and she definitely is becoming a front runner. 


Simon Cowell

Sister C
"Hell On Heels"
Maybe Simon doesn't know alot about country music and that's why he chose a song they already sang before haha. They did a good job of course they all have sing well and have great country sound. The problem i had was that they sounded like chipmunks, i cant listen to them for very long ha.

"We Are Never Getting Back Together"
They changed their names to numbers? That's stupid but whatever. I really liked this performance i think demi was just jealous or something i think they all have great voices and they haven't messed up yet. But i can agree that one of them really does stand out to me ( i don't know her name).

"Boom Shake The Room"
I disagree with LA i don't think it matters if this isn't real hip hop i still think they did an awesome job i really love their energy, and lyric da queen is still boss. I didn't like the gangnam style they randomly threw into there performance, it just didn't go well.

"One Day"
Simon's grin says it all, they were the best of the night and even if you dint like them you cant deny that this was a pretty awesome performance. They made the song sound like an original which i think they do with almost all of their songs. I think there vocals are getting better a well and even the little one is starting to get more confidence. loved it

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