american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Monday, November 19, 2012


Ok Yes i know I'm late, but hey i have a life too ya know! Ha that and the fact that the top 12 gave very mediocre performances on "Diva" night and the whole show is one big mess. Sorry to say that last season was much much more organized, i even miss Steve Jones and Nicole whats her face. You know somethings wrong when Britney is the best judge and mentor on the show, well other than Simon. Lets just hurry up and rank these performances from worst to best..

12. CeCe Frey
"All By Myself"
When i saw that CeCe was going last i thought maybe she dyed her hair brown again and was going to blow us away. But she totally butchered this song. Her pitch was waayy off and i just cant even stand to look at her anymore, it seems shes always crying and in desperation. Like i said before the CeCe we first knew is no longer with us.

11. Paige Thomas
"Last Dance"
When she first started her vocals were actually really good i was thinking to myself maybe paige has finally won me over, but then she turned it into a dance track the way she does with all her performances. It seems like the only words she could say were "last dance" repeated over and over. I hated it. Paige really needs to just have a intimate performance for once.

10. Lyric145
"We Will Rock You/ E.T"
Freddy Mercury is a diva?? Whatever Simon, another damn mashup?? Come on Simon. This group has been lead down the wrong path that's all. Yeah they can take a song and make it a hip hop cover but to do it every week? They had plenty of hip hop divas to pick from. This performance was a big mess and lyrics attitude didn't help one bit.

09. Arin Ray
"Crazy For You"
Aww he dedicated this to his little girlfriend, but jeez this was boring. No doubt hes vocals were alright not the best but he sounded good. I just don't think this was the right song for him to choose. And the fact that he isn't very popular, he really needs to be giving crazy good performances, this wont get him any votes. I think Britney will do her best with him though i actually think Britney's a great mentor.

08. Diamond White
On paper this was a perfect song for diamond to sing but for some reason it just didn't come together. She started off sounding extremely nervous and shaky, it got alot better towards the end but unfortunately it was too late for me to care. i think her momentum from being brought back is wearing off. She has no chance of doing what Melanie amaro did.

07. Fifth Harmony
This was a let down from what they did last week, they all sounded great individually but then the whole thing sounded like a mess i don't know what went wrong. Lauren sounded amazing i love her but Camila surprisingly sounded really off and not in tune. I hope next week they do something other than just sing a ballad.

06. Jennel Garcia
"Proud Mary"
No No No just NO! worst song for jennel to sing. #1 No one is ever going to have a moment with this song and #2 jennel is a rockstar. I think she did the best she could do with this song and she sounded good like always but it was nothing special. Jennel has great potential but demi has no idea what shes doing.

05. Emblem3
"No One"
If there were a list of songs to never be sung in a singing competition ever again, this would be top 5. This song has been done so many times, but luckily for emblem3, i don't think its ever been done by a group of three white guys. They actually did pretty good with it, yeah their vocals are no where near perfect but like i said these guys have a really cool sound to them and anything they sing they will make their own. i wonder if they can still win though, America doesn't vote for contestants with douchebag attitudes. 

04. Tate Stevens
"From This Moment"
A tribute to his wife, and more family man edits, can you just give him the crown now? Haha really America just eats this stuff up. Tate gave a decent vocal but it wasn't anything great. If you want to see a performance like this just tune into American idol or the cma's haha. I still find his performances boring but i cant lie that the man is probably going to win the entire show.

03. Beatrice Miller
"Time After Time"
Cindy Lauper was a diva?!? Haha ok well I'm super happy about this performance, the Beatrice that i love came back. her tone was lovely and she didn't stretch her vocals, she kept it nice and soft. i don't understand how the judges praised her other performance which i thought were horrible but they hate this one? I loved it perhaps my second favorite of the night. 

02. Vino Alan
"Lets Stay Together"
I love this song and i love Vinos voice, with that being said i loved this performance haha. He sounded great and he looks like hes having a really great time. yeah i think he was touching one too many fan hands but this was hands down more entertaining than anything else from the entire night.

01. Carly Rose 
"My Heart Will Go On"
Is it crazy that the best singer of the entire show is a 13 year old child? Its sad but true, this performance was  amazing, best of the night by a mile! her pitch was perfect the emotion was spot on and she hit her big notes with ease. Very impressive. Also the song choice was a bit cheesy but it didnt even matter she killed it. 

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