american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Last Night the top top 13! sang songs from the movies which meant they can pick pretty much whatever they want haha. But this was a huge improvement from last week, most of the contestants sounded vocally good and some even made me change my mind about them.

As for the judges/mentors...Britney is getting better as a mentor but as a judge she pretty much says the same thing over and over. Demi on the other hand is a horrible mentor but shes better judge than Britney.

On to the performances ranked from worst to best

13. CeCe Frey
"Eye Of The Tiger"
Who's the blond chick on stage? Haha seriously i don't even recognize CeCe anymore, i loved her back at the judges home and at boot camp but Demi just ruined her. And not only is she a complete stranger but her vocals on this perfomance were horrendous, she looked awkward and she didn't bring any energy. I'm so done with CeCe.

12. Beatrice Miller
I loved Beatrice and i still think shes adorable and she has a really nice tone, but this was just painful to watch. Yeah she had confidence on stage but her vocals were bad. It sounded as if she was just talking and screaming the whole song. Beatrice is really starting to let me down =[

11. Jason Brock
"I Believe I Can Fly"
This tired out thing? #1 Very bad song choice #2 What the hell is he wearing #3 It was loungey. Of course he has a great voice but like i said before he isn't going to last very long in this competition. Its a shame they chose him over David Correy.

10. Vino Alan
"When A Man Loves A Woman"
He might have earned some points with his story about supporting the troops so that's good for him. As for song choice, its was a good song choice since Vino is a soul singer and not a rock singer. but all i was thinking about was how Joshua Ledet killed this song on American idol, so i wasn't jumping up and down about vinos performance. His vocals were good though.

09. Diamond White
"I Have Nothing"
Yay Diamonds back! haha I'm glad shes back and her performance was vocally great in my opinion, even though it wasn't perfect since its a really hard Whitney song. But i already heard her sing this before in bootcamp, so i was a little upset that they'd give her this song again instead of something new.

08. Tate Stevens
"Dead Or Alive"
I think this is Tates best performance so far. i had to watch it back couple of times because honestly sometimes when tate performs i find myself bored. but he was confident and he brought the right attitude to the song and his vocals were pretty good.

07. Paige Thomas
"Take My Breathe Away"
I'm going to hate myself for saying this but this was pretty good haha! The way she came down from the ceiling and the guy caressing her were all a bit too much but other than that her vocals were the best Ive heard from her. i think shes improving and she is becoming someone who can be a real pop star.

06. Emblem3
"My Girl/California Girl Mash up"
The beginning was a little rough i thought this was going to be a disaster but then they changed up the song and everything was ok haha. I love watching these dudes perform because everything they sing they make their own and they bring so much energy to the stage. It wasn't as good as last week but it was good enough to keep them safe.

05.Arin Ray
"American Boy"
Just like Paige, i hate to say it but this was good! he is really improving even though he still isnt the best singer. In this performance I liked his vocals at times but sometimes he sounds a little weak especially when he was moving around too much on stage. But hey this kid has potential if he keeps it up

04. Jennel Garcia
"I Love Rock N Roll"
Jennel sounded amazing like always and i love the way she sung her melodies but Simon is 100% right. I hate her new look that Demi gave her, I'm not buying the whole rockstar thing. I mean yeah she is a rockstar but i prefer the cute highlighted hair jennel. when shes on stage wearing all black she just looks a little uncomfortable.

03. Carly Rose Sonenclar
"It Will Rain"
So much better than last week, Carly's slowed down version of this song was incredible. I loved everything about this performance she even cried a little at the end...idk if it was genuine though haha, i think if she keeps this up she is definitely a shoe in for top 5.

02. Lyric145
How can they say that word so fast so many times! Haha this what a very interesting song choice and they made it work. From the costumes to the raps it was pure entertainment, they didn't even change up the original lyrics, pretty awesome. Its really hard not to like this trio.

01. Fifth Harmony
"A Thousand Years"
Formerly known as 1432 formerly known as Lylas Haha. I actually don't mind the new name and i don't mind this group at all. Last week i said that they would never work as a group..i was wrong they sounded freaking amazing. Camila is the lead singer now i guess but my personal favorites were Lauren and Dinah. This group is going to do very very well if they keep singing like this.

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