american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Sunday, November 4, 2012


And just like that we have our final 12, with four acts sent packing. For the most part i think the judges got it all wrong if you ask me but what can i expect from these judges that so far I'm really starting to not like. Demi is trying to hard and its failing her, Britney cant give good feedback, and la Reid seems as though he doesn't even care. Thank god for Simon.


Jennel Garcia(No Brainer)
Paige Thomas(Really?)
Vino Alan(What?!)
Tate Stevens
Beatrice Miller(Yay!)
Carly Rose Sonenclar



CeCe Frey
She sang a ballad and it was leaps and bounds better than her performance on Wednesday but i honestly cant connect with her, shes going through an identity crisis.

Willie Jones
He sang pretty bad so he was obviously going home, its sad because i think he could have done really well, but Demi sucks as a mentor. Maybe he'd do better on American Idol.

Eliminated - Willie Jones


David Correy
He had the best performance from this group so i didn't understand this and he was LA's only chance of winning. I guess he thought people wouldn't like him. whatever.

Jason Brock
He sang okay, i felt no emotion though. yeah Jason is lovable but he wont last very long.

Eliminated - David Correy


Arin Ray
Ive said it once and ill say it again, his voice isn't big enough he has no range whatsoever. he does have a nice tone and the little girls kinda like him i guess. But he wont win.

Diamond White
She sang so good it was probably the best sing off performance. I guess Britney just never really liked diamond.

Eliminated - Diamond White


Sister C
They sounded good but, I'm actually glad their gone because i cant stand listening to their voices for long. I just hate how the show tried to edit them as unlikeable.

Lylas or 1432 or IDK
5 Great solo performances hahah really that's what it sounds like. I don't think they'll ever do well as a group. oh and now their getting a new name again. 

Eliminated - Sister C 

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