american idol season 13

american idol season 13

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Finally these auditions are over and i must say i feel like this season didn't have any wow auditions compared to last season. hopefully things get better during the boot camp and some new faces start to shine because i really want to enjoy this season of x factor. Oh and Demi and Britney really need to step up there game.

Before i start let me say this last audition episode was horrible!

Trevor Moran
We left off last episode with Trevor laying on the floor almost dead, turns out he was just dehydrated. he comes on stage and does exactly what i expect, it was entertaining but it was all a big joke, and the judges LOVED him and put him through. oh lord. 4/10

Owen Stewart
The overly attached boyfriend, he could definitely be a real contender this season ONLY if he never mentions his girlfriend ever again, seriously. Hes singing is not the best but it works good with the rapping. 7/10

Freddie Combs
Freddie is one of the sob stories of the season, he is obese and almost died in 2009. So I'm sure we all expected him to have a good voice and he does. Its nothing id listen to though his voice is more fit for a church. 6.5/10

Lauren Jaugurie
She is definitely one of my favorites, not because shes pretty, or because shes from my hometown of Miami (whoo!). But because her voice is so good, made this episode a little easier to watch. 8.5/10

Jordyn Foley
Sweet kid, horrible singing, still got through to the next round.... 3/10

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